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Monday, December 31, 2012

JustFab Cosmetics!!!

I am very excited to be doing this interview because this company is one of the first aside from BFTE who gave me an opportunity to review their products. Brenda, thank you so much for giving me the chance when everyone else was skeptical of the new blogger. JustFab Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands in cosmetics today. This company is going to have an awesome 2013, I support them all the way.  Here we go:
What prompted you to start Just FAB Cosmetics? 

I really wanted to start a makeup line that is high quality makeup at affordable prices. I first started experimenting with making my own mineral makeup a few years ago. I have really sensitive skin and would constantly have break outs when I was using the store brand products. I couldn't understand what was going on with my skin so I decided to start doing research and came across mineral makeup. I read how it was good for your skin and you could even sleep in it and I immediately thought "ok this is going to fix my problem." I still was breaking out and I started researching ingredients. The more I started learning about different ingredients in cosmetics I started learning about ingredients that irritate your skin. I then decided that I wanted to try and make my own and eliminate the skin irritants and see if it would help me and it did! I would give some of the makeup that I made to friends and family and they just loved it and would tell me that they like it a lot more then the store brand products. People loving the products that I make, made me want to share it with others.

How long has the company been around? 

I just started my company online on June 12, 2012 but I've been sharing my makeup with friends and family for the last 2 years.

What inspires color choices for eyeshadows and other cosmetics? 

I find inspiration for colors everywhere. From magazines, pictures, clothes, birds, painting, shoes, scarves, and most importantly my customers. I love it when my customers message me and tell me what they want, whether it be colors or different products.

What is your most popular selling item?

Hmmmm there are actually quite a few that are really popular. If I had to choose one I would say that the Diamond eyeshadow is really popular. It's a great highlighter. I use it all the time!

Tell me a little about yourself ? 

I am a mother first and foremost to 2 wonderful kids that are 5 and 1 years old. I have always been into fashion and beauty ever since I can remember. I use to beg my mom to let me wear makeup when I was in 10 years old. When I was 12 I finally got the approval and it was all up hill from there. Well first it was down hill until I figured out what I was doing, then it was up hill. I absolutely love what I do and I just want to continue doing this for the rest of my life.

Do you work alone or with a team?

I currently do everything by myself. I make all my own product, package it, fill orders, customer services, etc. When ever I get busy I have the support of my family who are always willing to jump in and help with filling orders or anything that I need.

How did you come up with the name Just FAB Cosmetics?

I wanted something simple and something that people can relate to. The "FAB" stands for "Fabulous and Beautiful" which we all are. Every single one of us is fabulous and beautiful no matter our height, what we weigh, what color our skin tone is. It all doesn't matter because we are who we are and that's fabulous and beautiful. There is a saying that I created a long time ago when I wrote poetry and it's "Imperfection is the only perfection, without it we wouldn't know beauty." This is my saying and I believe every word of it. We are all imperfect therefore we are all perfection and we are all beautiful.

What can we look forward to in 2013?
I have many new goodies that I will be adding to my product line in 2013. My goal is to add Brushes, Glitter, Lip Gloss, BB Cream, Pressed Eyeshadows and more Primers through next year. The first product you will see added to my product line will be Brushes, Glitters, and Pressed Eyeshadow. I am very excited and can't wait to include these into my shop. I have gotten many messages asking for these 3 things the most. When my customers talk I listen.

Interview with LiAnn from Sparklecrack Central

We have all heard of Sparklecrack Central right? Yes, the site with the cool advent calendar I had so much fun participating in. I wanted to know a little bit more how the site flowed so LiAnn, the owner of SPC honored me with an interview. Here we go: 1. How long have I been into beauty/makeup/etc.
I had brief bouts of enthusiasm in my teens and 20s, but they'd last a few years and not amount to much. Then in 2007 I bought my first BE loose-powder eyeshadow and liked it, and began looking for lower-costing alternatives and a better color payoff and shade range. I may fall "out of love" with beauty again in my lifetime, but this latest bout has lasted six years so I think this one my stick! Beauty blogs have been a great resource to seeing other looks and techniques discussed, without the hard-sell surroundings that are often found in magazines. (Yay ad-blockers! I'm often a bit shocked if I happen to browse to one of my regular reads while using a browser where I don't have ad-blocking turned on, and I actually see all the adverts they have all over their site!)

2. What prompted me to start Sparklecrack Central.
I'm a list-maker. I write about things, I compare things. And I needed a quick way to organize my growing collection, and share my findings with others - especially indie- and boutique-eyecolors compared to BE shadows, even sometimes indie-vs-indie comparisons. I've been blogging since the late 1990s, so I knew how to set up a blog and I had my own webspace. I just hadn't had the need to put up a beauty blog before.

3. How long as SPC been around.
I launched the site on January 9, 2009 - so it's just finishing its fourth year of life.

4. What do I expect from other bloggers who post on my site.
Basic civility toward myself and toward the other commenters (and viewers), no hard-sell self-promotion, an enthusiasm for what they're talking about. Constructive critique is welcomed (truly constructive critique, like "That color seems a bit golden-toned, one that's a bit cooler might work better with the overall look you've built (or would accent your eyes so well)" rather than backhanded comments like "I could never wear such a bright color I'd feel like a cheap prostitute, but it looks great on you!!" There's a very fine line between sincere constructive criticism and insult-liments.)

5. How SPC came to be. Tall order :) It started out because I like listing and comparing things, I like writing, and I like constructing web sites (and I also use them to test out and expand my web development skills and usability techniques.) Like lots of other sites, it's a constant work in progress. This is only the second design-theme that I've had, but I've added to and rearranged the sidebar quite a lot. I've got some other ideas in mind that I want to add next year - ways to reward peoples' participation - but I have to figure out how to make them work.

6. What can we expect from SPC in 2013.
I keep meaning to start a video channel, because I'd like to learn how to edit videos and add that skill to my portfolio; but Real Life keeps getting in the way! Site-wise, I have a few ideas, but they're still in the formative stages. Mostly it will be more of the same: more color- and product-reviews, hopefully more looks this year than in 2012. I also want to try a few more participation-events like the Alphabet Nail Challenge that I did last year. And even though my own last week of posts was a bit spotty (illness! blah!!) I do enjoy putting together the Beauty Blog Advent Calendar.

There are no other contributors to the site. I do all the writing, the coding, the photography, the graphics. I haven't posted any guest posts on SPC, and don't know if I will - if I do, it will probably be invite-only rather than "sign up to do a guest post" because I don't want the extra work of reading through guest posts or proposals to sift out the spammy posts and "free advertising" kind of thing. I tried a mutual-interview program a few years ago, and that started out nicely but fell on its face as more people signed up but elected not to participate if their assigned partners weren't high-traffic enough, or popular enough, or what-have-you.

Thank you for doing this LiAnn, 2013 will be a great year for you and SPC.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bling Spirit Glitter Brush set

This is something that I just had to share with you all because its the first time I have ever seen this. Since all my brushes are literally broken I was pleasantly surprised to get this set from Bling Spirit. This morning was my first time using the brushes. They worked great, but....what I have to share is this pic that Im going to post now.  Isn't that cool ! The brushes pop up in a fan formation ! I was so excited to see this and that is the best part of this brush set. Thank you Bling Spirit :-)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Interview with Aimee Kelch of Pretty Little Things

I haven't been in very long. It's been about 10 and a half months :) I've never really done anything in the beauty business accept Mary Kay about 7 years ago though I've played with makeup pretty much all of my life..  I've actually wanted to make my own cosmetics for a while now but my husband was looking through the internet one day and told me he thinks I should start a company so I did. I guess he gave me the final nudge :D. I try to do color that I know my customer would buy and I try to do the "in" colors. Most of what I make though comes from random ideas that pop into my head of what I like and what color do I think would go best with it. I also have colors that are dedicated to a certain theme I guess you could say. Like I have a small Tim Burton collection and colors that are geared towards things like Breast Cancer Awareness. Right now I'd say my most popular selling item would be an eye shadow called Pegasus, Wedding Bells is a close tie :D  The company came to be by I guess you could say a small dream that is progressing into a bigger one. I'm constantly getting new ideas so this is pretty much a start of something that I hope one day will be huge. No one else works the company but myself for now. I do all I can to make my customers happy though I know I can't make everyone happy I still strive to do all I can. 

I have not had the pleasure of trying products from Pretty Little Things but I hope that Aimee will give me the opportunity to soon. Thank you so much for your time Aimee, it was truly an honor doing this interview, your company may be starting out but it looks like 2013 is going to be your year.  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dollipops Lust, Snow, and Sparkle Glitter Fantasy

As I said in my last post, I had been wanting to use my glitters but didnt have any way to keep it on, well now that I know how well Carmex works, I tried Dollipop Cosmetics Glitter Sparkle and WOW!  I loved it as much as their eyeshadow. It feels so weightless that its like your not wearing anything. The sparkle is so vibrant that it looks like your eyelid is full of stars. Its just fabulous and its just as good as Bling Spirit Glitter. I'm so impressed with Dollipop Cosmetics right now, their products are amazing.

My interview with Mon Ennui Cosmetics

My first question is, how long have you been in the beauty business?

I think that I've always been in the entertainment and beauty business! I was very much into singing jazz and opera, dancing and acting as I was growing up.
I started modeling in the 90s. Nothing major or fantastic. I've always had one foot firmly in the underground and one foot firmly in the mainstream.
I've been in the beauty business since about 2002... when I started doing makeup for photography.
I could talk a lot about my professional career... but, I think that my early influences and journey are maybe more inspiring to other girls out there in internet land who aren't sure where to start out! This interview is more for them, anyway, really. So, if you think I am getting totally off topic... please let me know and I will re-write my response.

My passion for cosmetics started when I was probably about 4 years old. I got into dancing because I got to wear fancy little costumes and wear jewelry and makeup. A lot of people think that little girls are growing up too fast because of wearing jewelry and makeup at a young age (and that it's “too sexy”). But, really, I think that a lot of little girls want to feel beautiful and special.
I was always one of the weird little girls who loved to hang out with very old ladies who had fancy vanities and beautiful things to show me, because they'd teach me about glamor. Art was my second language, growing up. So, I spent a lot of my childhood sitting in my room playing with various old makeup sets. My Aunt would get a huge Estee Lauder vanity set every year for Christmas, and I would be THRILLED to see what colors she got, because I knew that the brightest and boldest would be left over for me the next year. My Aunt wore neutrals. So, I grew up playing in the sparkly, shiny, bright, bold and gaudy stuff.
I think that influenced me the most as an artist and as a person.
I would also do my siblings' makeup and take photos of them, growing up. I once even paid my brother $5 to let me dress him in drag and do his hair and makeup (I put him into a prom dress I got at the thrift store). It was the best $5 I've ever paid a model! He WORKED it, too. :)

2. What prompted you to start Mon Ennui Cosmetics?
Back in 2006 I started getting really passionate about building my own huge kit. I had a friend who purchased MAC whenever she was sad... so, she exposed me to the high end brands. I started buying MAC online back in 2002, but I think that her passion for the brand really set me off like a rocket. For about an entire year I lived at the Sephora and Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. If anyone released a new product... I was there to schmooze the makeup artists so I could learn about it first. I was getting a front row seat to the evolution of the beauty world.
By late 2007, my eyes were swelling shut pretty frequently. By, mid 2008... we figured out that I was allergic to about 80% of my kit. And, I have to admit to you... that was the most depressing day of my entire life! Thousands of dollars worth of happiness was suddenly tainted. I already knew that I had severe food allergies. It wasn't until that time that I found out that a lot of major smoothing agents are synthesized from various plants and foods.
That was when I started getting more involved in the back-end of the beauty world... How It's Made.
I learned about what makes MAC pigments so awesome, compared to other PRO artist pigments on the market. If I didn't know something, I researched it or I found someone who did know so I could ask them about it.
By 2009 I was already very busy with photography, still doing makeup professionally, working on making a lot of costuming and accessories and props on a regular basis... and getting deeply into Burlesque. Burlesque also really changed my perspective on makeup! The Modern Pinup and Burlesque movements intrigued me for a lot of years. Cosmetic glitter and special effects glue. I had done makeup for stage, before... but, never like THAT. This style of makeup needed to be seen from the back row... but, also had to be flawless enough to look at up close. The dichotomy of bold and refined was intriguing to me. I also learned from a lot of performers that the makeup they used wasn't always standing up to what they needed it to do. A lot of them also had bad skin breakouts from using harsher thicker theater makeup night after night.

Between my own allergies to big brand cosmetics and my fellow performers complaints about their own sensitivities... I started thinking “Someday when I have my own beauty brand...”
I actually remember sitting back stage here in LA... getting ready for a show... and talking about how I'd want to develop a brand that didn't just have my name on it... but, also DID something great for skin... that would be long lasting and gorgeous at the same time.
I actually thought that I'd have to be very rich to start my own brand.
Then, I read the history of lipstick... and I read that during World War II one organic chemist, Hazel Bishop, reinvented the entire lipstick industry in her KITCHEN. Her product became so popular that she almost went broke trying to keep up with the demand for her amazing new product.
That's when it occurred to me “I can start this... myself!”

3. How long has the company been around?

I officially started Mon Ennui Cosmetics back in late Summer of 2011. As a working actress, Burlesque performer, Photographer, Show co-producer, Costume designer and Makeup artist... I was putting all of the money I was making from jobs and shows back into making everything bigger and better. I didn't have the money to start my own business.
On a whim... I decided that I wanted to try to recreate some of my favorite high end pigments and products (but without the ingredients that I am allergic to). I had great success with that! My first real success was Perfect 10 (an exact replica of MAC's Rose pigment).
I mean... I probably shouldn't even be telling you that I can recreate stuff! I think that it makes people kinda nervous to sell me makeup, now... lol. But, that was really the heart of what I wanted to do! I wanted the same awesome products I've been using for years... but, without all of the stuff that didn't need to be in there.

I started Mon Ennui with a $100 investment. I couldn't afford that, at the time. It was a lot of money! I felt kinda sick about the idea of it, actually. I thought that it might actually be the stupidest thing I've ever done in my entire life.
I launched on Facebook in November of 2011. I used every talent I had to make Mon Ennui's presence look the way I wanted it to look. And, word of mouth started spreading pretty quickly!!!
By February... I had abandoned Etsy and moved on to Storenvy.
The wonderful people at Storenvy have been really supportive of my rapid success, as well.
I remember when they wanted to talk to me on the phone and ask me about my company.
That was the first time I talked to anyone about what I was doing... and I felt SO nervous about it!
Here I was... talking to people who were pretty much working for ME... and I felt like I didn't know what to say to them because I was just so thankful to have a customizable location for my growing business.
Now, in November of 2012... I am the best selling makeup brand on Storenvy and in the top 50 best selling stores on their entire site (out of over 20,000 merchants)! They've been around since 2009. So, that is just crazy to me how fast we've grown together in one year!
I bring in a lot of business... so, I think that Storenvy has had to evolve a bit to support the demand and interest in my products, as well.

I've had a lot of support from people who deal with major drugstore and department store brands.  I think that I wouldn't have Mon Ennui where it is, right now, without the help of people who know more than I do... giving me the confidence and support to believe in my brand and what we're doing. 
Having people who know the industry tell me "You need to charge more!  Your products are some of the highest quality out there!" is incredible.  At this point I still want to make sure that our products are affordable, because we are so new.  But, I cannot compete with any of the very small brands who are constantly losing money and closing down. 
A lot of online customers get the wrong impression from small brands who don't charge what their products are worth.  It devalues the entire industry! 

Of course, with all things... you really do get what you pay for. 
Some customers want to buy $2 eyeshadow and tell us that our prices are too high.  We don't have that available for them.  That might mean that our brand isn't for "everyone".  But, with the amount of demand we have at this point... I don't think I could keep up with the work load if I tried to make my brand available to that customer base! 
It's choices like this that have actually helped us grow dramatically, instead of face failure and going broke trying to keep up with demand. 

We also have a pretty firm "No Product in Exchange for Reviews" policy, right now. 
I think we're the only brand who has that policy, too! 
I understand that blogging is an important tool for sharing your brand with the internet.  I just sort of feel like giving a blogger product in exchange for a review... is a bit of a bribe.  We're so new that I really want my happiest customers to spread the word (and they are doing that very well), because I feel that new customers can really tell the difference when a blogger is blogging about something they honestly care about... or blogging to promote something because they got some free product to talk about.  When you pay for something... you have very different expectations of it compared to when you get something for free. 
Right now, I really want to focus on honesty. 

If bloggers want to blog about our products... they are welcome to buy them, of course! 
We don't hate bloggers.  We just prefer this policy, for now, as we grow and evolve. 
Maybe in 5 years that policy will change.  But, by then... most of the major beauty bloggers won't be as big as they are now, anyway... and I think that the whole system will change over time. 
I honestly wish that more small companies would deal more honestly with their brand, when they are starting out.  You might be able to find a lot of drama online about a brand... but, when you find really good really honest reviews, it totally overrides that negativity immediately.  :)  If all you find online is stunningly positive reviews by powerhouse bloggers and lots of random swatches... then, it doesn't really show you that people want that product on their face or in their day-to-day makeup routine.  Yanno?
No matter what the age or skill level of my customers... I value seeing happy faces of happy customers proudly wearing their Mon Ennui. 

4. What inspires color choices for eyeshadows and other cosmetics?

I want to give women jewelry for their face.

Our main customers are women in their mid twenties to late thirties. I try to make those customers some very luxurious products that are long wearing and gentle. I also formulate our pigments so they will not expire (as long as they are handled and used properly and do not get contaminated).

Our biggest supporters are medical professionals, performers and mothers (sometimes all three!).

There are plenty of playful brands out there that cater to the child in all of us. I want to develop a brand that speaks to the woman within us. It's the difference between plastic bracelets and diamond earrings. At a certain age, you focus on the investment of a few pieces of jewelry that you can wear for the rest of your life... the type that capture timeless beauty and elegance that will never go out of style. That's the sort of makeup I want to create. Products that you can wear with jeans or a cocktail dress, and always feel powerful and womanly. Colors you can wear this season and next season... and always feel “in style”.
Women know themselves. They know what they want when they see it and they get it. They don't feel that they have to ask for permission. Women are beautiful for the self-satisfaction of it. Women are confident because they've earned it... and they don't need to prove anything to you because they know who they are.

There is a Beauty Renaissance happening, now! Women have earned the right to be what they want to be and present themselves the way they want to be seen. Our most sparkly products are as dazzling as gemstones! Even women who normally don't want shimmer or glitter or shine fall in love with our unique blend of texture. Even when we go over-the-top with sparkle... we try to make sure that there is substance, depth and texture.

5. What is your most popular selling item?

Our three best selling products are:

Oil Slick: It's our first and most popular color shifting pigment! Our Extreme Color Shifting pigments are really unique and very special. Oil Slick is a muted shifter that changes from Teal to Green to Blue to Violet to Purple... depending on the lighting you are in and the angle it is viewed from. We have a growing collection of color shifting pigments. But, Oil Slick is still the most popular.
I think that our color shifters are also hard for a lot of beginners to use, as well. There is a huge focus on “blend blend blend blend”... and they end up with the base color and no shift!
To get the real beauty of these shifting products, you have to pack them over our Prime Time Primer (by patting instead of sweeping or blending).
Another way to apply them is by wetting a brush with our Pigment Potion for Eyes.
Actually... that's another of our best selling products!

Pigment Potion for Eyes was my super gentle mixing medium idea! It is water based, but it has a lot of awesome ingredients in it that make it great for your skin. You can apply eyeshadows and pigments with a brush you wet with pigment potion (the key is to wet it, blot it on a paper towel, pick up a bit of pigment and then apply like paint. A little goes a long way!). I also recommend it for people who hate having a “cakey” mess with their foundation! You can sponge Pigment Potion for Eyes on your whole face before applying your foundation, and it will make it apply more evenly and you won't need as much product to get a flawless complexion.
Unfortunately, this is ALSO the product that I sell out of the fastest!!!
We try our hardest to keep up the with demand... but, it's not easy. It's great stuff.

And, our best selling lip product is Type O Negative lip stain! Thanks to awesome bloggers and word of mouth... our test tube of bloody red lip tint has gotten a lot of love. It's the product that a lot of people have purchased alone (and introduced them to our brand). It's the sort of red that any woman can wear, because it leans toward berry on the first application... but, it can be built up and layered to make a more dramatic look, as well. It's also a wonderful base product for red lipstick (like our Norma Jean mineral lipstick... which is also quite popular) because it adds some depth and drama. I also personally love that we created labels that look like lab stickers for the test tube! It's really the sort of awesome product that you'd want to pull out of your purse to show off to your friends.

Thank you again for the interview and opportunity to share my story with you!
We're still SO very new.

I think that my favorite parts of working in this industry are meeting talented new people!  I've had the extreme pleasure of working with some undiscovered talent (like Michelle Orozco (of Meeshabelle Makeup)... who I had work with me as a makeup artist on an intense day of promotional photography.  I even got her to model for me, as well.  She's a beautiful and wonderful person, inside and out... and I am glad that Facebook brought us together to collaborate!

I've also had some very talented people create stunning looks using our products!  We've been working with the wonderful MrsElegantBeauty, who creates great inspirational looks using our products (from neutral to imaginative and wild).

I really can't wait to see what happens with Mon Ennui in 2013!  I have some big things in the works.. and high hopes for the brand in general.  :) 

I want to give a special thanks to Mon Ennui, she was wonderful to interview and such a pleasure to work with.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bling Spirit Glitter: Jade

I finally had the opportunity to try out the glitters Bling Spirit sent me. I am a huge fan of glitter so I was really excited to try these. I decided to wear green eye shadow today so the best glitter to match was Jade. The colors are fabulous because they are effervescent & sparkly, just gorgeous. One thing I learned are other ways to get loose glitter shadow to stay on the eye. I dabbed Carmex on my eyelid and low and behold the glitter stayed on, any chapstick will do, Carmex is what I had on hand.  I can't wait to try all the other shades of glitter from Bling Spirit, I feel like a kid at Christmas time !

Candii Blossom Cosmetics: Interview

My first question is, how long have you been in the beauty business? 
Its been almost 2 years since I've been in the beauty buisness. I did so much research about it before opening CBC

2. What prompted you to start Candii Blossom Cosmetics?
I have a passion for all kinda of beauty products but I never wanted to pay for the high prices of the high end brands so I thought to myself why not create my own and spread all the love to others without emptying their pockets and giving them the same or better quality as the high end stuff.

3. How long has the company been around?
CBC will be having their 2 year anniversary on August 13, 2013! Candii Polished has been open since Sept 19th 2012

4. What inspires color choices for eyeshadows?
I would say objects and my environment. Lets say I'm wanting to create a new collection. I think of what I want to do the collection on, whether it be a person or cartoon for example and I take a color that they are or thats based around and I try to create that color the closest that I can. Most of the time I will just wake up and say "Oh I feel like purple today" and I'll just make it! As some can tell I LOVE my purple eyeshadow lol

5. What is your most popular selling item?
Wow thats a hard one but I would say my primer. Dime'er Primer has sold out about 6 times since I have been opened and as of right now its the first time I haven't had any in stock. I plan on upgrading my formula a little bit so look out for that one (:

Makeup & Nail Polish are a big passion of mine. Even tho I own CBC I don't own many colors of my own because I'm always afraid I'm going to run out of jars or the color. I might own half of what CBC has to offer right now in eyeshadows. As some of you may know I now have a sister company called Candii Polished which I'm also very proud about! I love nail polish just as much as i love eyeshadow! When I first opened CBC I doubted myself a bit but i have these lovely girls who promote for me who you all may know, Makeup By Chel, Twistful Beauty & Toshia Thrall MUA, these 3 girls keep me on my toes and they are a lot of my inspiration through this whole thing. They keep my mind busy would things they would like to see or to improve on. Our communication is at the fullest and we all talk everyday, unless life gets in the way lol Not that would want to hear it but they are why I am where I am today! Yes I create all the glitter and sparkles but at the end of the day if they would bring me such great ideas or help with an idea i already have CBC wouldn't be CBC or Candii Polished! These girls don't only promote for me but they also BUY from me quite often! I also want to thank all of my new and returning customers! Thank you for continuing to buy and support CBC! You all are wonderful people and I hope that you continue to love CBC & Candii Polished as much as I do!
The shop link




For the polishes i don't have them listed in a set but here is a link to each of them
5 Golden Rings
Silent Night
Peppermint Bark
Tree Before Christmas
Let It Snow

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Up and Coming Company: Korpse Kosmetics

 Pictured above:Korpse Kosmetic Models Alyx, Shona, and Katie.  Preview of the upcoming 2013 collection coming out Jan 2nd, Ultimate Glitter Stacker, last but not least Kimi Toxxxic. I took a little break for Christmas but I'm back now. I'm going to continue reviewing up and coming beauty companies; next up is Korpse Cosmetics. I have not yet had the chance to try this brand but I'm hoping to soon get a taste of how good it is. I have heard great things about Korpse Kosmetics and may I add, the owner is awesome. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride as we learn more about Korpse Cosmetics.

My first question is, how long have you been in the beauty business? I have been in the beauty business for over 6 years. When I was a little girl my aunt surrounded me with hair and makeup as a cosmetologist and I fell in love with it at the age of 8 but didn't start making videos and getting into the beauty business until about 6 years ago.

2. What prompted you to start Korpse Kosmetics? Well I had always had trouble finding super bright and crazy eyeshadow colors that were affordable and unique products that have not been seen before. So I decided to create my own line. Then after I created the bright shadows that we have I wanted to work on face products. Since I am really pale, its so hard to find the right shade for my skin so I decided to make my own and make sure that those who are super pale like me are able to get these items at an affordable price.

3. How long has the company been around? 
The company has been around since July of 2012

4. What inspires color choices for eyeshadows and other cosmetics?  Brightness and Glitter! My two favorite things in the world. The brighter the better and the more glitter the better. I love bright bold colors that make people stop and ask you were you got those gorgeous colors. I am a glitter junkie as well so I HAD to create some unique glitters that I personally have never seen before and who doesn't love a bit of sparkle now and then?

5. What is your most popular selling item? 
Right now our most popular item is our Ultimate Glitter Stacker! It has 10 different glitters for only $25.00 and it has quickly become one of the top sellers in our store. 

Basically, tell me the story of how Korpse Kosmetics came to be. I started Korpse Kosmetics in 2010 with just 15 shadows after a few months of getting request for certain shadows I began to expand to more shadows, glitters, face products and lip products and much more. We are still growing and expanding everyday. We love to interact with our customers and make sure each customer is happy. 

Tell me a little about yourself and if others work with you about them also. Well I am a one woman company. I do everything myself; mix the colors. glitters, face products, lip items, design the labels, business cards, take care of the Facebook fan page, and official Facebook page. I pretty much do it all. My gorgeous site models help me promote deals and offers as well as make gorgeous looks using my cosmetics so they definitely help out with spreading the Korpse Kosmetics name out there.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Collage #2

A big thank you to Aimee Kelch, Joanna Trujillo and Angela Sands.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Feature Artist: Toshia Thrall

This weeks feature artist is well known on Facebook and I'm sure on all other social networks. Let me be the first to say that I admire her work, there is just something about her technique and her color choices that just bring out her looks. She is destined to be one of the greats in the world of MUA's. For all of you that wanted me to feature Toshia, here is her long awaited story. "I got started in makeup from browsing on YouTube on day. On the front page was a makeup tutorial from Marlena of MakeupGeek. This was in 2008. I started buying more makeup and practicing. I would do several looks a day just to practice. In 2010, I started freelancing. I have worked with photographers, models, designers, and fashion shows. My greatest inspiration for makeup will always be Marlena from MakeupGeek. She was the first one I watched and I always look forward to her tutorials. I also am inspired by Pixiwoo. I find inspiration everywhere. I see random pictures I like and decide to recreate colors from them. My husband is also an inspiration. If I am stumped with a color combination, he is always happy to throw one my way. Many of my looks are just throwing colors together to see how they turn out. 

I had a hard time choosing my favorite look because I have a few of them. I chose this one because of the glitter and glitter brows. This was recreated from a look done by a fellow makeup lover Makeup by Chel from Facebook. I saw the color combination and knew I had to recreate it. I try to push myself further everyday to improve my skills and push myself out of my comfort zone. I love color and am not afraid to use it! 95% of my looks are colorful :) Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. This truly means the world to me and I hope to be able to reach more people with my love and passion for the ART of makeup".
Thank you Toshia for allowing me do this, you are truly an inspiration to all of us. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Beauty Bytes Company Spotlight Feature : Dollipop Cosmetics

 I'm starting my spotlight feature with Dollipop Cosmetics, I admire this company and the owners very much, Dollipop Cosmetics is one of my favorites, why you ask? because of the sparkle and shimmer that is added to every eyeshadow that's made along with all the hard work that is put into every product that is made. These two sisters have turned a dream into reality and many of you want to know what inspired them to start their own company so without further a due, may I Welcome Dollipop Cosmetics:
My first question is, how long have you both been in the beauty business?   My sister and I have been obsessed with makeup and bath and body products since we were quite young. To be honest, I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't interested in it.

2. What prompted you both to start Dollipop Cosmetics? We started Dollipop Cosmetics (formerly Frosting Bath & Body) because we saw a need in the market for an indie cosmetic company with heart and owning a business together was the fulfillment of a dream of ours. There are many choices out there when it comes to cosmetics but we were finding that some were careless with their customers and down right mean. We LOVE what we do and being customers ourselves we knew how we wanted our customers to feel.

3. How long has the company been around? We have been in business for 2 years now and are loving every moment of it!

4. What inspires color choices for eyeshadows and cosmetics? EVERYTHING! Our favorite movies or shows, friends and family, even some of our favorite customers. If I find a piece of clothing that I love the color of sometimes that's enough to prompt a brand new eyeshadow color.

5. What is your most popular selling item? We have a few eyeshadow colors that always sell out quickly; "Snow", which is a really pretty shimmery white and "Absinthe", a gorgeous bright green that both fly off our shelves like hotcakes.

Basically, tell me the story of how Dollipop came to be. Our grandmother Helen actually inspired my sis and me to start Dollipop Cosmetics. She raised us from the time we were little babies and she always taught us that we could do anything we set our minds to. She passed away in 2008 from breast cancer, but in her last year of life she made her family promise to follow our dreams and live our lives to the fullest and Dollipop Cosmetics is the result of us keeping our promise to her.
Tell me a little about yourself and if others work with you about them also. My name is Jennifer and I am a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful little girls. I enjoy cooking, crafting, and creating new products! My business partner is my twin sister Liz. She works full-time in a medical office and helps out with the business every single weekend. We hand make everything we sell in small batches and typically it is just the two of us working although during busy seasons we have friends and family that step in and help us package and label. 
Use the code LIZZIE10 to save 10% off your entire purchase in our Craft Cafe shop.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Daily Glamour aka Autumn Kinsey

If there was one page that has inspired me to do my eyeshadow a completely different way, I have to say The Daily Glamour is it. It's chalk full of great tips and inspiring looks and may I add tutorials for those of us who are not makeup literate. I started Beauty Bytes in November of this year and Crystal Lampe of BFTE referred me to this page called The Daily Glamour, when I got there I was so impressed with the girl in the pictures because her makeup was perfect and flawless. The thing that got my attention was the way she applied her eyeshadow, I have always wanted to learn how to get my eyes to look like that. Autumn Kinsey is amazing and not to mention as sweet as can be. She was so happy to do this feature for me and I am happy to bring it to all of you. "As a little girl, I can remember sitting in the bathroom and watching my mother put on her makeup every morning. I wasn't really a frilly, prissy girl, but something about applying makeup caught my attention. Coloring was about the only activity I loved as a child, so it only made sense that I transitioned from the pages of my coloring books, to my eyes and lips as a teenager. It was in my junior year in college that I took a job as a Clinique Consultant. And over the next 5 years, I really developed my knowledge and love for makeup and skin care…and my obsession with collecting new products!

In 2005 I started grad school to pursue my Master of Art in Printmaking. Because that occupied the majority of my time, I had to leave my position at Clinique. And thus, my interest in makeup dwindled to the bare necessities. I finished both of my masters degrees, and my focus shifted to my career. But still, makeup was a love I'd placed on the back-burner.

It wasn't until the summer of 2011, when my bestie, Megara, showed me a tutorial for an XSparkage rainbow eye look, that the makeup flame was reignited. Leesha used Beauty From The Earth pigments in the video, and because I wanted to recreate the look exactly, I decided to order a sample tin. From that point on, I re-connected with my passion in makeup.

In my working life, I teach college level Design, Digital Art and Art History, and I'm freelance graphic designer, too. Needless to say, there is no shortage of demands on my creativity. But I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, because in my spare time, I focus on creating art for The Daily Glamour. Admittedly I probably spend way too much time and money on this hobby to think of it as a mere pastime, but for now, that's what it has to be. All I know is creativity. It runs through my veins now as it always has, and probably always will. I know it sounds strange, but creating looks for The Daily Glamour is kind of my creative release. It is light-hearted and fun and a break from the serious tasks of my everyday life.

I would be remiss in not taking a moment to honor the beautiful and talented Crystal Lampe over at BFTE Cosmetics. Her phone call to me last summer inspired me to create my Facebook page. Since then, we've laughed and talked and created so many things together. The products she brings to this makeup world inspire me in so many ways.

Thank you to my community of fellow makeup lovers. You push me to keep being glamourous :)". 

I asked Autumn to submit her favorite look that she has done, and she chose the pic above Blue Christmas. "Favorite look? Holiday Party Series: Blue Christmas (picture attached). Why? Because it was one of those moments when the look you created is even better than you imagined! It was an expected and new color for me to use, and while I wasn't sure it would work, it turned out wonderfully! I also think it's great because it shows that bright, punchy color can be elegant!"
Thank you Autumn for giving me the opportunity to do this feature, I am truly honored. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Solo Feature Artist: Jessica Nicole

I asked Jessica what her favorite creation was and she chose Kevin. I can see why she chose this pic, it's very colorful and very original.  " would have to say kevin is definitely my favorite creation he was my first look that i was confident in he took me 2hrs to accomplish and i was very pleased with him it was the first time i could actually see what i worked so hard for and countless hours practicing i saw it when i made him lol weird i know"
I have been trying to think of ways to promote my page and blog and I keep on coming back to featuring the talented make up artists of Facebook and social media. Just recently I had a poll on my Beauty Bytes page on who to pick as my Monday feature Toshia Thrall or Jessica Nicole. Toshia Thrall won it but Jessica Nicole is one heck of a talent and very creative so I decided to do a solo on her just because I think she deserves her own solo feature. There are so many great talents out there right now that I wish I could feature them all but I'd flood everyone's Facebook if I did that :) Anyway, I asked Jessica to humor me and answer some questions for me which she gladly accepted. I really liked her responses and for being in makeup for such a short time, she is truly an amazing talent. Here are her responses: "I first got into makeup around December of last year but the looks really started flying when i got my first eyebase (nyx eyeshadow base in white) and i actually still have the same one its been abused greatly i get inspired by other aspiring makeup artist like gina the makeup artist mrs elegant beauty , makeup frenzy, queen of blending and a pro makeup artist who was with me pushing me helping every step of the way Noemi Urena. what inspires me is nature pictures of gorgeous scenery  the colors the way they blend into each color and paint a beautiful picture. i've always been into makeup when i was younger getting into my mothers makeup lol but im self taught i've practiced super hard on my blending and to create a perfect winged liner i've practiced for hours drawing different wing liners in my sketch pad to get the fluid motion down. i love makeup its a release for me when im sad /upset i also draw and paint and for me makeup was another form of art. all the negative feedback i've gotten on my makeup through the year has made me stronger and just pushed me that much harder ! i dislike when people say oh makeup that's easy no its isnt i practiced for hours and hours to get where i am lots of time and efforts even thought about quitting with all the negativity  i used to get but it just made me want to prove them wrong and work harder".

Jessica, thank you for giving me this opportunity to feature you, it was truly a pleasure :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Collage of Everyday Moms and Non Makeup Artists

Many thanks to Marissa Walbey, Tehreem Umair, Anita Hardwick, and Nadia Recinas for submitting your pics for my collage of moms and non makeup artists. You all are very talented and beautiful. Never sell yourself short ♥ Post your looks on my Beauty Bytes page anytime :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Concrete Minerals Giveaway !

Go to their Facebook page for a chance to enter this awesome Giveaway !

Drew Barrymore Launches her own Cosmetics

I for one have always loved Drew Barrymore's flawless face and beauty. I am really excited to be bringing this announcement to you all through my blog, I can't wait to try her products. Click the link to read more about it !

Sunday, December 16, 2012

KMS Lipsticks now available.

The long awaited KMS Cosmetics Lipsticks are NOW AVAILABLE!  There are currently three shades (more will be coming): Polar Bear Kisses (Limited Edition for the Holidays), Bailey and Megan.

Each full size Lipstick comes in a chubby lip pencil with at least 5g net weight of product.  Samples are also available in 5g jars with at least .5g net weight.  There is a small ingredient label on the bottom as well as a label on the cap.  Labels are strategically placed to allow the entire pencil to be sharpened as needed!  Don't forget to add a Dual Sharpener to your cart if you don't have one already : )  I haven't tried the lipsticks yet so I took this from the KMS Newsletter.

Feature Artist: Jennifer Elaine

This week my feature artist is a very talented individual in her own right, as everyone else I have featured, she is very nice and knows her makeup. Jennifer Elaine can do it all; she can do simple, she can do dramatic, and she can do flamboyant. She is on her way to being one of the biggies in the makeup industry. How long has she been doing this you ask? Inquiring minds want to know so here's your answers: I started playing with Makeup March of 2011. I always had some kind of eye shadows around and maybe some finishing powder but thats it, I bought my first Palette when I was 31! I was a Cowgirl growing up and wasnt the Makeup type:) Who inspires my Makeup? Well mostly my Daughter, She is why I am who I am today and I honestly have her to thank for bringing me out of MY shell:) Everything in my life Inspires me, Depending on my mood or a crazy dream I had the night before:) I have learned that beauty is in everything, Mostly in the last places you dont expect to find it! My Idol in the Makeup world is most definatly Queen Of Blending!! That Woman is amazing!! Im finding that Im starting to look up to alot of the girls out there, I learn so much from each one and theres so many talented MUA's out there!! My Fav Brand is Sugarpill:)  Only because of the makeup I like to do and they suite my needs with amazing colors and quality! Urban Decay is also one of my Favs, When I can afford it:)  The Green Shimmer is one of my Fav looks right now because its actually such a toned down version of my work, Everyday Woman can where this when alot of my looks they cant.

The pic posted above is one of Jennifer's favorites and I can see why, it's beautiful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this feature on you Jennifer. You can grace my Beauty Bytes page anytime :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Meow Cosmetics: sand dune, cloven skies

I have heard some great things about Meow Cosmetics so I wanted to try it out myself. I had my pick of samples from Meow that I could try out but since Im a fan of browns I saw these two shades and had to try. Sand dune is a lighter shade of brown while cloven skies looks like metallic gold. I put sand dune on my bottom lid while cloven skies went in the crease and mixed a little with the sand dune to give it a golden tone. So far every shadow that Ive tried has stayed on all day which is great. I like Meow Cosmetics because their colors are so vibrant and metallic looking.  I have many more samples of colors that I need to try so you'll have another review soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wet n Wild Colorica Spoiled Brat

This product is something new that I tried today. Wet n Wild is one of my favorite brands of cosmetics so I was excited to try this. I will be the first to admit that I am not very good at applying eyeshadow so the look I'm going post is something I smudged together. I loved the colors in the palette so my after effect was not a bad one. My big thing when it comes to eyeshadow is will it stay on all day. I am happy to report that it does wear all day. I'm not a big fan of dark shades but I think I made it work. Wet n Wild has changed so much since they first started, they have become one of the top selling brands in the world. I wear products and wear them proudly.

Profile Pic contest winner for December Lisa Gamez

Lisa Gamez is my winner for December. My theme was glitter so I was asking for the best glittery look. I really liked her creation but the gems outlining her eyeliner was the thing that made me choose her as my winner. I'm doing something a little different and asking my winners for a brief description as to what inspired this look and to tell us a little bit about themselves. This was Lisa's response: "Well I started wearing makeup when I was 12 lol! Very bright mascaras and funky eyeliners and I fell in love!! I love how makeup is an instant picked upper (for me anyhow) and I love that I can help others feel more confident and beautiful as well! What inspired my look was a collab I did for FACE by Emily and it was 80's themed. I was an 80's kid and I wanted my look to remind me of all the fun funky upbeat dance music of the time. The little stones on the bottom in all the out of orderness reminded me of disco lights (dance floor lights). The glitter was holographic and it's my favorite glitter:)."

Thank you Lisa for entering my contest, I really think you have a talent, keep up the good work !

Monday, December 10, 2012

Feature Artist: Nikki Kopchu aka Makeup Frenzy

My feature artist this week is Nikki Kopchu aka Makeup Frenzy. You see her creations all the time on Facebook but what you don't know is they all tell a story. She is an amazing talent for only being a makeup artist for 3 years. As she was battling her greatest struggle, she decided that she wanted to feel beautiful so she started playing with makeup only to become one of the best makeup artists I have seen. She is not only extremely courageous but she is one of the nicest people around, I have come across many people who wouldn't give a newbie the time of day but she does and she does it with a smile. I asked her what it was that motivated her creations and how she got her start in the beauty industry, this was her response; " Well, I started makeup about 3 years ago. I taught myself through youtube videos and practicing! I was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to feel pretty, being bald i didnt feel girly. Makeup was a HUGE outlet for me and escape! I love everything about makeup! The reason my name is Makeup Frenzy was because one day i got a bunch of makeup and i said "Its a makeup FRENZY in here!" and thought it was perfect lol. A lot of people inspire me on here, Mrselegantbeauty and Gina the Makeup Artist are 2 of my internet guru crushes lol. SO MANY though. My fave look is my butterfly look because I honestly kinda suck at drawing and I felt that was my first win on that note lol. :) ".

Her butterfly creation is one of my favorites also. Nikki, thank you for this opportunity, I feel honored to have met such a courageous individual, stay nice and sweet :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Just Fab Cosmetics

I am having a blast reviewing beautiful eyeshadows from all these great companies, hoping to get to do more in the near future. What can I say about Just Fab Cosmetics ? They are simply fabulous :). I couldn't wait to try the samples, I even got up extra early this morning so I could try them out. The colors are just beautiful, the shimmer is great, the powder is smooth and applied to my eye flawlessly. I could not have been more pleased with the product. Like the rest, it stayed on all day and was smudge proof not like some of the store brand where after all day wear there is a noticeable build up in the crease of your eye. Thank you Just Fab Cosmetics for giving me the opportunity to review your product, hope to work with you again reviewing more colors. The colors I used are pictured below. My favorite was Topaz.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

my creation using BFTE cosmetics.

I used Sassafras, silver maple, sweetgum.

Dollipop Cosmetics

Dollipop Cosmetics is one brand that I have never heard of until I started my Beauty page. This company for one is amazing, for two, the two sisters that run it are so nice and genuinely want us beauties to look stylish. The best part about Dollipop Cosmetics is that they are based in Chandler and I live in Tucson so I'm about a 2 hour drive away from them. This morning was the first time I had ever wore their brand of cosmetics. I absoulutely loved the eyeshadow ! The colors are so vibrant and sparkley, just amazing stuff. It wears all day and is smudge proof, for me and my skin type thats a plus. All you beauties out there, if you have never tried Dollipop Cosmetics I highly recommend that you do. The colors are just amazing.
The pic posted below was my look using snow, ultra violet and lust :)

Got a Beauty Blog? I'm looking for you !

By now you all know about my Lizzies Tips page on Facebook right ? On that page I work with a lot of bloggers of the same nature. It is a total success. I want to do the same on my Beauty Bytes page, I want to work with beauty bloggers and have them post reviews,tips, looks, etc. on my page. MI page is about YOU and I want to reflect upon that. If you have a blog pertaining to beauty, let me know cause I'm looking for you :) Contact me here: