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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Daily Glamour aka Autumn Kinsey

If there was one page that has inspired me to do my eyeshadow a completely different way, I have to say The Daily Glamour is it. It's chalk full of great tips and inspiring looks and may I add tutorials for those of us who are not makeup literate. I started Beauty Bytes in November of this year and Crystal Lampe of BFTE referred me to this page called The Daily Glamour, when I got there I was so impressed with the girl in the pictures because her makeup was perfect and flawless. The thing that got my attention was the way she applied her eyeshadow, I have always wanted to learn how to get my eyes to look like that. Autumn Kinsey is amazing and not to mention as sweet as can be. She was so happy to do this feature for me and I am happy to bring it to all of you. "As a little girl, I can remember sitting in the bathroom and watching my mother put on her makeup every morning. I wasn't really a frilly, prissy girl, but something about applying makeup caught my attention. Coloring was about the only activity I loved as a child, so it only made sense that I transitioned from the pages of my coloring books, to my eyes and lips as a teenager. It was in my junior year in college that I took a job as a Clinique Consultant. And over the next 5 years, I really developed my knowledge and love for makeup and skin care…and my obsession with collecting new products!

In 2005 I started grad school to pursue my Master of Art in Printmaking. Because that occupied the majority of my time, I had to leave my position at Clinique. And thus, my interest in makeup dwindled to the bare necessities. I finished both of my masters degrees, and my focus shifted to my career. But still, makeup was a love I'd placed on the back-burner.

It wasn't until the summer of 2011, when my bestie, Megara, showed me a tutorial for an XSparkage rainbow eye look, that the makeup flame was reignited. Leesha used Beauty From The Earth pigments in the video, and because I wanted to recreate the look exactly, I decided to order a sample tin. From that point on, I re-connected with my passion in makeup.

In my working life, I teach college level Design, Digital Art and Art History, and I'm freelance graphic designer, too. Needless to say, there is no shortage of demands on my creativity. But I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, because in my spare time, I focus on creating art for The Daily Glamour. Admittedly I probably spend way too much time and money on this hobby to think of it as a mere pastime, but for now, that's what it has to be. All I know is creativity. It runs through my veins now as it always has, and probably always will. I know it sounds strange, but creating looks for The Daily Glamour is kind of my creative release. It is light-hearted and fun and a break from the serious tasks of my everyday life.

I would be remiss in not taking a moment to honor the beautiful and talented Crystal Lampe over at BFTE Cosmetics. Her phone call to me last summer inspired me to create my Facebook page. Since then, we've laughed and talked and created so many things together. The products she brings to this makeup world inspire me in so many ways.

Thank you to my community of fellow makeup lovers. You push me to keep being glamourous :)". 

I asked Autumn to submit her favorite look that she has done, and she chose the pic above Blue Christmas. "Favorite look? Holiday Party Series: Blue Christmas (picture attached). Why? Because it was one of those moments when the look you created is even better than you imagined! It was an expected and new color for me to use, and while I wasn't sure it would work, it turned out wonderfully! I also think it's great because it shows that bright, punchy color can be elegant!"
Thank you Autumn for giving me the opportunity to do this feature, I am truly honored. 


  1. thanks for sharing her with your readers!

  2. Autumn is an AMAZING person inside and out. Her looks have inspired me so much! I look forward to seeing what she comes up with each day, and love that we share the love of BFTE Cosmetics. Though, I've never met her in person....YET....I consider her a dear friend to me. She is such a wonderful blessing for me to have in my life.