Tru Organic

Saturday, August 23, 2014

KISS Gel Nails

I receive these in my Influenster Caliente VoxBox, since i am not the type who wears fake nails or goes to have her nails done I was a little worried about putting these on. It turns out the application was so easy and precise that I was worried for nothing :). I love how they look and they are just the right length and size for my hands, this is truly a great product, thank you Influenster for allowing me to try these out.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Caliente VoxBox

This is my Caliente VoxBox I received from Influenster, As you can see its jam packed with all sorts of yummies and goodies. The Rice Krispie treats bar was so delicious I had to go out and buy a box for myself. I was excited to see the Gel Nails, I have yet to apply them but I plan to do it soon, The Dove hair Oil is the best product I've used so far, it left my hair smelling and feeling good. Hawaiian tropic sunscreen, I have yet to use but the smell is to die for, Paula's Choice have left my face feeling the softest its ever felt, I highly recommend it for all of you, its truly amazing. That's my Voxbox in a nutshell, I hope to get qualified for another one soon, Influenster is the best.

Nerium AD Age-Dyfying Treatment

This is my blog post on Nerium Age-Defying Treatment: I was contacted by Jennifer Sena and asked if I wanted to do a blog post about this product, I wasn't exactly sure what Nerium was until I read about it. I received the package and was excited to do the 5 night Challenge, I always like seeing superb results when it come to my wrinkles and fine lines. The first thing I noticed about the cream was that it smelt like tree bark, keep in mind that this product is made with all natural ingredients so that explains the smell. I will post a link where you can go read the ingredients list if I have left you curious. After the 5 days of using Nerium, my skin began to feel tighter, when I looked in the mirror I could automatically see a difference, and the softness it provided my skin was incredible, I am still using this product and hope to see more visible results as time goes by. The website has a photo gallery where you can go and view other customers before and after pics, the difference is truly amazing.  If you would like more information on this product or want to try it for yourself, contact Jennifer today and she will be happy to help