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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Candii Blossom Cosmetics: Interview

My first question is, how long have you been in the beauty business? 
Its been almost 2 years since I've been in the beauty buisness. I did so much research about it before opening CBC

2. What prompted you to start Candii Blossom Cosmetics?
I have a passion for all kinda of beauty products but I never wanted to pay for the high prices of the high end brands so I thought to myself why not create my own and spread all the love to others without emptying their pockets and giving them the same or better quality as the high end stuff.

3. How long has the company been around?
CBC will be having their 2 year anniversary on August 13, 2013! Candii Polished has been open since Sept 19th 2012

4. What inspires color choices for eyeshadows?
I would say objects and my environment. Lets say I'm wanting to create a new collection. I think of what I want to do the collection on, whether it be a person or cartoon for example and I take a color that they are or thats based around and I try to create that color the closest that I can. Most of the time I will just wake up and say "Oh I feel like purple today" and I'll just make it! As some can tell I LOVE my purple eyeshadow lol

5. What is your most popular selling item?
Wow thats a hard one but I would say my primer. Dime'er Primer has sold out about 6 times since I have been opened and as of right now its the first time I haven't had any in stock. I plan on upgrading my formula a little bit so look out for that one (:

Makeup & Nail Polish are a big passion of mine. Even tho I own CBC I don't own many colors of my own because I'm always afraid I'm going to run out of jars or the color. I might own half of what CBC has to offer right now in eyeshadows. As some of you may know I now have a sister company called Candii Polished which I'm also very proud about! I love nail polish just as much as i love eyeshadow! When I first opened CBC I doubted myself a bit but i have these lovely girls who promote for me who you all may know, Makeup By Chel, Twistful Beauty & Toshia Thrall MUA, these 3 girls keep me on my toes and they are a lot of my inspiration through this whole thing. They keep my mind busy would things they would like to see or to improve on. Our communication is at the fullest and we all talk everyday, unless life gets in the way lol Not that would want to hear it but they are why I am where I am today! Yes I create all the glitter and sparkles but at the end of the day if they would bring me such great ideas or help with an idea i already have CBC wouldn't be CBC or Candii Polished! These girls don't only promote for me but they also BUY from me quite often! I also want to thank all of my new and returning customers! Thank you for continuing to buy and support CBC! You all are wonderful people and I hope that you continue to love CBC & Candii Polished as much as I do!
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For the polishes i don't have them listed in a set but here is a link to each of them
5 Golden Rings
Silent Night
Peppermint Bark
Tree Before Christmas
Let It Snow

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