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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Solo Feature Artist: Jessica Nicole

I asked Jessica what her favorite creation was and she chose Kevin. I can see why she chose this pic, it's very colorful and very original.  " would have to say kevin is definitely my favorite creation he was my first look that i was confident in he took me 2hrs to accomplish and i was very pleased with him it was the first time i could actually see what i worked so hard for and countless hours practicing i saw it when i made him lol weird i know"
I have been trying to think of ways to promote my page and blog and I keep on coming back to featuring the talented make up artists of Facebook and social media. Just recently I had a poll on my Beauty Bytes page on who to pick as my Monday feature Toshia Thrall or Jessica Nicole. Toshia Thrall won it but Jessica Nicole is one heck of a talent and very creative so I decided to do a solo on her just because I think she deserves her own solo feature. There are so many great talents out there right now that I wish I could feature them all but I'd flood everyone's Facebook if I did that :) Anyway, I asked Jessica to humor me and answer some questions for me which she gladly accepted. I really liked her responses and for being in makeup for such a short time, she is truly an amazing talent. Here are her responses: "I first got into makeup around December of last year but the looks really started flying when i got my first eyebase (nyx eyeshadow base in white) and i actually still have the same one its been abused greatly i get inspired by other aspiring makeup artist like gina the makeup artist mrs elegant beauty , makeup frenzy, queen of blending and a pro makeup artist who was with me pushing me helping every step of the way Noemi Urena. what inspires me is nature pictures of gorgeous scenery  the colors the way they blend into each color and paint a beautiful picture. i've always been into makeup when i was younger getting into my mothers makeup lol but im self taught i've practiced super hard on my blending and to create a perfect winged liner i've practiced for hours drawing different wing liners in my sketch pad to get the fluid motion down. i love makeup its a release for me when im sad /upset i also draw and paint and for me makeup was another form of art. all the negative feedback i've gotten on my makeup through the year has made me stronger and just pushed me that much harder ! i dislike when people say oh makeup that's easy no its isnt i practiced for hours and hours to get where i am lots of time and efforts even thought about quitting with all the negativity  i used to get but it just made me want to prove them wrong and work harder".

Jessica, thank you for giving me this opportunity to feature you, it was truly a pleasure :)

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