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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

U-Notyce Cosmetics

 Today I bring to you a review on U-Notyce Cosmetics. There are so many cosmetic companies
out there today and many more small companies coming out with home-made eyeshadows; I have tried many of them and my favorite of course is the one I am currently promoting for Makeup Fairyz but this cosmetic company comes in at a close second, U-Notyce Cosmetics has some of the most vibrant colors I have seen in a long time, the owner was nice enough to send me some samples of her products, I was so excited to see and try out these shadows because I had heard positive feedback from others who have used U-Notyce Cosmetics. I received the samples very quickly which is always a plus, I didnt open the package right away because my daughters always ask to see what I get in the mail so I waited till the afternoon to open it, when I opened the little baggie the first thing I saw was something shimmering so I took out the baggies and looked at the colors. My first reaction was WOW! then I came across what is now one of my favorite over shadow colors Diamonds, the sparkling shimmering coming off Diamonds is just beautiful and so eye catching as you can see from my above pics. All the colors are so vibrant and beautiful, I can't wait to try the rest of them and post pictures. I looked on the U-Notyce store envy site and noticed the prices are very affordable, I am planning on buying a jar of diamonds very soon which is $7.99 in the store, well worth the price. Here is the link to store so you can be amazed at all the colors  and the link to their Facebook Page: 
This is the description coming right off their Facebook Page: Welcome to U-Notyce beauty. Simple pronounced "You Notice", where we strive to make you look pretty so you get noticed ;) Our launch lineup includes are signature mineral eye shadow pigments which will be both duochrome and quadchrome, lip tints, cheek highlighters. We will keep adding new products and limited editions from time to time.
All our products are mineral based, cruelty free, and handmade. 
These are the products sold by U-Notyce Cosmetics: lip balms
lip tints
gold flakes/silver flakes eye decor
pressed bake pans
eye glitter
multipurpose pigments
mineral pigments
cheek blush/highlighters

Visit their Facebook Page Today to stay updated on all the newest things coming out and to make a purchase visit the Storenvy site today.