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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Profile Pic contest winner for December Lisa Gamez

Lisa Gamez is my winner for December. My theme was glitter so I was asking for the best glittery look. I really liked her creation but the gems outlining her eyeliner was the thing that made me choose her as my winner. I'm doing something a little different and asking my winners for a brief description as to what inspired this look and to tell us a little bit about themselves. This was Lisa's response: "Well I started wearing makeup when I was 12 lol! Very bright mascaras and funky eyeliners and I fell in love!! I love how makeup is an instant picked upper (for me anyhow) and I love that I can help others feel more confident and beautiful as well! What inspired my look was a collab I did for FACE by Emily and it was 80's themed. I was an 80's kid and I wanted my look to remind me of all the fun funky upbeat dance music of the time. The little stones on the bottom in all the out of orderness reminded me of disco lights (dance floor lights). The glitter was holographic and it's my favorite glitter:)."

Thank you Lisa for entering my contest, I really think you have a talent, keep up the good work !

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