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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Feature Artist: Jennifer Elaine

This week my feature artist is a very talented individual in her own right, as everyone else I have featured, she is very nice and knows her makeup. Jennifer Elaine can do it all; she can do simple, she can do dramatic, and she can do flamboyant. She is on her way to being one of the biggies in the makeup industry. How long has she been doing this you ask? Inquiring minds want to know so here's your answers: I started playing with Makeup March of 2011. I always had some kind of eye shadows around and maybe some finishing powder but thats it, I bought my first Palette when I was 31! I was a Cowgirl growing up and wasnt the Makeup type:) Who inspires my Makeup? Well mostly my Daughter, She is why I am who I am today and I honestly have her to thank for bringing me out of MY shell:) Everything in my life Inspires me, Depending on my mood or a crazy dream I had the night before:) I have learned that beauty is in everything, Mostly in the last places you dont expect to find it! My Idol in the Makeup world is most definatly Queen Of Blending!! That Woman is amazing!! Im finding that Im starting to look up to alot of the girls out there, I learn so much from each one and theres so many talented MUA's out there!! My Fav Brand is Sugarpill:)  Only because of the makeup I like to do and they suite my needs with amazing colors and quality! Urban Decay is also one of my Favs, When I can afford it:)  The Green Shimmer is one of my Fav looks right now because its actually such a toned down version of my work, Everyday Woman can where this when alot of my looks they cant.

The pic posted above is one of Jennifer's favorites and I can see why, it's beautiful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this feature on you Jennifer. You can grace my Beauty Bytes page anytime :)

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