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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Interview with Aimee Kelch of Pretty Little Things

I haven't been in very long. It's been about 10 and a half months :) I've never really done anything in the beauty business accept Mary Kay about 7 years ago though I've played with makeup pretty much all of my life..  I've actually wanted to make my own cosmetics for a while now but my husband was looking through the internet one day and told me he thinks I should start a company so I did. I guess he gave me the final nudge :D. I try to do color that I know my customer would buy and I try to do the "in" colors. Most of what I make though comes from random ideas that pop into my head of what I like and what color do I think would go best with it. I also have colors that are dedicated to a certain theme I guess you could say. Like I have a small Tim Burton collection and colors that are geared towards things like Breast Cancer Awareness. Right now I'd say my most popular selling item would be an eye shadow called Pegasus, Wedding Bells is a close tie :D  The company came to be by I guess you could say a small dream that is progressing into a bigger one. I'm constantly getting new ideas so this is pretty much a start of something that I hope one day will be huge. No one else works the company but myself for now. I do all I can to make my customers happy though I know I can't make everyone happy I still strive to do all I can. 

I have not had the pleasure of trying products from Pretty Little Things but I hope that Aimee will give me the opportunity to soon. Thank you so much for your time Aimee, it was truly an honor doing this interview, your company may be starting out but it looks like 2013 is going to be your year.  

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