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Friday, June 28, 2013

DermOrganic Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been using DermOrganic Shampoo and Conditioner for about a month now, the only complaint I have is that these products aren't available in stores. I was using Tresemme Shampoo and conditioner before and even though it worked well for my hair after a few days my scalp would feel oily and yucky. The one thing I love about DermOrganic is that it doesn't leave my scalp feeling oily at all. The cons on DermOrganic is it's size, whenever I get the products I realize how small the size of the bottles are, for how great the products leave my hair feeling, I think larger bottles are required, and I said DermOrganic is not available in stores, I would buy buy buy if I could find in stores. DermOrganic is my all time favorites brand of shampoo, hope once you try it you'll feel the same way. Here is the link to the DermOrganic page to purchase and try for yourself.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Marrisa Walbey

Special Thanks to Marrisa for doing this feature for me. I have been following her looks for months now and I love all of them. Please look her up on Facebook and check out all of her great Makeup looks.
Im marrisa walbey iam 21, mom of 2 and a wife. Ive only been interested in makeup for only about 2 years. My inspirstions for my looks are from other MUAS  that i have on my personal page and some times i just think of interesting looks or just let my imagination run favorite MUA besides me lol has to be Mrselegantbeauty her looks are phenomenal and creative. How i started loving makeup was last year i was into doing the special fx makeup but i started seeing makeup contest and boom! Im addicted to makeup lol.this picture has 2 of my favorite because one is just a natural look you can wear any time and the other one is just bold and fun and bright. And my favorite makeup brand  its hard because i havent tryed all the makeup i want to but i will one day so i love all my makeup brands i have .

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hunger Strike on Pelican Bay

On July 8th the inmates of Pelican Bay are going to hold a Hunger Strike until their demands are met. I do not have anyone who is incarcerated or have I ever known of anyone who has been incarcerated so I am not going to pretend that I know what it feels like to have a loved one in jail because I don’t. I do believe in this cause because I feel abusing or taking away rights is wrong especially if someone has been wrongly accused. I was reading about the 5 core demands the inmates want to be met and I don’t think any are unreasonable, the thought of work programs being offered to prisoners is a wonderful idea and if prisoners can get educated while in prison that’s a plus in my book. I can understand why Chola Pinup feels so strongly about this, abuse of any kind is wrong whether the person is imprisoned or not. I support Chola Pinup and the Hunger Strike 100%. If you want more information on this please visit the Chola Pinup Califas page on Facebook. #17 days #cpst

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Michelle Ledezma: Charming Clay And Makeup By Meeko

Special thank you to Michelle for doing this feature for me. She is a true makeup artist and posts some beautiful looks on her page. if you have a chance go check out her page and show her some love.
     My name is Michelle Ledezma. I am 27 years old and I am from Texas. My facebook beauty page is CharmingClayAndMakeupByMeeko...Meeko is my nickname. I also make Youtube makeup tutorials on my Youtube channel

     My first memory of makeup was my grandmas red lipstick. I didn't start using makeup until I was a teenager. I liked all the different makeup styles I saw in magazines but I didn't have a clue on how to make my makeup look that good.My routine back then was simple. It consisted of face powder, lip gloss, one neutral colored eyeshadow just on the lids, and mascara. My routine now involves lots of color and products. I use any color you can think of!

     I started getting serious about makeup last year. In April of 2012, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. My life changed overnight. I had to quit my job as a nurse for 6 years because of complications from this disease and medication side effects. I went from working full time to becoming a stay at home wife and mother. Even simple everyday tasks became hard. I was falling apart both mentally and physically. One day while lying in bed feeling sorry for myself, I decided to watch some Youtube videos to cheer me up. After watching a few funny videos, I came across a makeup tutorial video. Being curious I decided to watch it. The lovely woman in the video was very polite and very good at applying her makeup! I was impressed and started going thru her channel watching some more of her videos. I learned that she was very ill too, and sometimes you could see her hands shake from her medications. Even feeling sick, she still continued with her tutorial. At the end, she encouraged her viewers not to give in to their sickness. We can still fix ourselves up despite how we feel.

     Her words really hit home with me and gave me hope. I had to find my inner strength again! That day, I created my channel and my page and I have her to thank for that. Keeping up with both of these keeps my mind off my pain. She is and will always be my favorite MUA(we dont call ourselves MUAs, just everyday girls next door). She goes by Makeup440Plus. Her videos are my inspiration for the looks I do now. She showed me not to be afraid to use color and try different looks...I especially love how she just "wings it" sometimes! I learned ALOT of my techniques from her.

     I've tried lots of different brands of makeup, but my favorite would have to be from an Indie company called Pop Rox Cosmetics. The company is owned and operated by a male, which makes it that much more awesome! The colors of the pigments are gorgeous and vivid and a little goes a long way. They last all day and the prices are affordable. He can even make you a custom color if you request it! And he is always asking for customer input and is always willing to answer all questions. I especially love the neon colors!

     My favorite look I've done so far would have to be my Pink Lemonade inspired look. I had never used pink and yellow eyeshadow together, but it came out great! The glitter added that extra feminine touch. I was proud of myself for pulling this look off, especially since I felt really sick that day. The end result made me feel like a million bucks.

     My advice to anyone who wants to start their own beauty page is to always be yourself. You will learn as you go and you don't have to be a pro. Put yourself out there! And remember, you can't satisfy everyone. As long as you are happy, that's all that truly matters.

Sparkles Makeup Artistry

Special Thank you to Tim for doing this feature for me, be sure to check out his page to see more of his beautiful looks.
My name is Tim Demerath I own Sparkles Makeup Artistry. I have been interested in makeup for several years. It first started in theater when I was very young where I would act and help applying makeup to various actors and actresses. I soon found myself doing more makeup everyday and soon found myself watching YouTube videos on how to apply cosmetics. My parents told me that I had a talent for makeup so I decided to pursue a career as a free-lance makeup artist. I looked everywhere for a good cosmetology program and couldn't find one I liked. Soon enough my cousin told me that I do not need a license to do free-lance work unless I worked under a salon. I was soo exited! I stocked up on supplies and went to work! Soon  I was invited to do makeup for a local photographer Pamela Morello. That's where my career finally started. My inspirations for my looks would have to be P!nk because she can rock both beautiful and bold makeup.  
My favorite MUA would have to be Kandee Johnson because she teaches everyday people how to do different makeup techniques from how to use a airbrush machine to how to melt down your lipsticks into a pan. Miss Johnson has taught me more things that I could never learn in a school. My favorite makeup brands would have to be Urban Decay because of the high pigmentation and how blend able the products are. Another one of my favorite products believe it or not is drug store makeup! I know some people would never think that a MUA would use drug store makeup but most of it is very pigmented! No matter if its L.A colors or Mac its how you use the product. My favorite look that I have done would have to be this one because it shows such beauty and versatility. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

CM Cover Reveal

Master Drew Remington’s pain and grief runs deep. One woman will heal his soul and mend his wounded heart by submitting to his desires, but first their love will be tested when an old enemy emerges looking for the final ultimate score.