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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Perfectly Posh

Today I am reviewing Perfectly Posh, I have seen other beauty blogs reviewing this company so of course I was curious as to what Perfectly Posh was all about, I contacted Liz Pagan and she was nothing but ready to send me samples of the products. When I received my samples, I was in shock because I was not expecting everything that was sent to me, the paper above describes what samples I received and what it is they do. I wanted to do some pampering this past weekend so as a treat to myself I used the BFF Face Wash and Night and Day Face and Neck Moisturizer, my face felt tingly, clean, and soft after using the face wash and extra super soft when I applied the Night and Day Cream, I had accomplished pampering my face. After my shower, I applied the Creamy Milk body butter body and I received compliment by my husband of all people lol, he said I smelt feminine and refreshing, I am going to purchase the creamy milk body butter very soon. Make out Magic Lip Scrub is literally delicious! There is actual sugar to lick off while after leaving your lips soft and silky. My lips can sometimes feel dry so the Lip Scrub really brought out the soft and silky side of my lips. Perfectly Posh is an inexpensive way to pamper yourself without having to visit the spa everyday, i was really pleased with the products I tried and recommend Perfectly Posh to all working and stay at home moms, being a mom I sometimes forget to pamper myself so this weekend was a real treat for me, I can't wait to try the new product Perfectly Posh has coming out in the Fall. Here is their Facebook page, give it a look and try the products today, you wont be disappointed. Have a Perfectly Posh kind of day!! Visit Liz Pagan's page Directly by Visiting the links posted above ! Have a Great Day

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Revamped Blog Title and Style

This page all about my audience. There will be beauty tips, fashion tips, reviews, giveaways, etc. I invite you all to post and make yourselves at home on this page. Share your advice, tips, reviews, and giveaways. This is all about YOU so lets make it a success!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How does one get back into blogging after having been away so long

Hello, it s been a long time since I have posted a blog post on here so hopefully you all will remember me.  About a month and a half ago I had a stroke, it was pretty much the worst time of my life. I had to basically teach myself how to walk and use my left side again. I was put on medication and now have to go get my PT checked every few weeks. I am not the same person I was before, I am much slower now and have discovered that I don't remember things as well anymore. My physical therapy are my children ages 8, 7, and 3; they keep me going every single day.  Over these months I have slowly began to improve and depending on what it is I'm doing, I no longer have to use a can or a walker anymore. Before my stroke I was getting bored with the whole blogging thing and wasn't keeping up with my Facebook pages anymore, which of course led to me losing likes. Now that I am slowly better, how am I supposed to get back into blogging as frequent as I was before and regain peoples interest again? Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Beauty Addiction

I had done a review for this amazing company a few months back and loved all the products I was sent, I have been away from blogging since my stroke but decided to try to get back into it. I wanted to start off my return by showcasing an amazing company so I chose My Beauty Addiction. I am a huge liquid eyeliner fan, this is my first time trying gel liner so who better to get it from than My Beauty Addiction. It goes on so smooth that its hard to make mistakes in the application. It lasted all day without any running or smudging which is always a plus in my book. I have never heard of petite lip paints until My Beauty Addiction, they are fabulous and not to mention long lasting which I have been trying to find in a lipstick. The colors are just gorgeous and completely made my pinup look complete for the photoshoot that I did. Miss Monroe is such a tantalizing red as you can see below in the pics. Truth or Dare is a touch darker but in the same category of Red. I loved everything I was sent and hope to be doing more reviews soon for My Beauty Addiction. Visit their Facebook today and let them know I sent you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hereos Of the City

Good Afternoon, first and foremost I would like to thank Lennart Blixt for giving me another opportunity to review the Hereos Of the City Products. I had a stroke a few moths ago so I wasn't able to review the first package that was sent to me but here I am in better shape finally doing this review. Hereos of the City is intended for pre-schoolers ages 3-6 so if you have kids that age, they will love the show, but even older kids may enjoy it also at least my 8 yr old did lol. The main focus of this show is to inspire our children to be hereos in any way possible, hereos of the City is a TV-series starring animated rescue vehicles acting as hereos in a little city. The concept is the cutest thing ever and since my 8 year old liked it, I would say it is intended for kids in all age brackets.As you can see from the pic above, I received lots of cute little things, from books to toys to DVD's, my kids just watched the DVD's and believe me when I say, they loved both videos. All products have not launched yet in the U.S but are available on Here is the link to the Heroes of the City Facebook page so you can like them and stay up to date when products and books become available in the U.S., here are some other links to follow on also and their homepage:
I hope to get to review more products for you soon, be sure to check out Hereos of the City, your kids will thank you!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

TLC VoxBox from Influenster

I just received my TLC Vox box from Influenster, I love gettting these things because its always jam packed with useful things that I can use for myself or with my family. In the TLC Voxbox you will receive Ivory Soap, Neo to go, A coupon for a free tub of Breyers Gelato Indulgences, Puffs brand with lotion, a shell gas card, and last but not least Anew Reversalist for those pesky wrinkles. It is always a treat to get a VoxBox and I love sharing my excitement with my social followers. Thank you once Influenster for making my day! Happy Voxboxing everyone:)