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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CEO of Tuff Model Inc. Julie Griffin

I want to say a special Thank You to Julie Griffin for being such a joy to work with, she is not only the CEO of Tuff Models but also a great person, she works hard for what she believes in and doesn't stop until the she achieves success. Her non profit organization Smiles for Causes is something wonderful and help many people out there get their lives back. Check out th Smiles for Cause page : and Tuff Models on Facebook:

Would like to share with you why I started my agency. Peers with in the industry were taken advantage of by agencies or modeling groups that made claims that were untrue. These agencies/modeling groups charged a lot of money for photos, HMUA services, and contracts that haven't opened many or any doors. Services offered by untrained HMUAs which have unsafe and harmful practices such as double dipping mascara or other cosmetics of which is a concern of health. The models were also charged professional prices, for unsafe services.

Photographers is another joint concern. Photos that did not meet the models expectations, long waits for edits, and being approached for inappropriate shoots that are not age appropriate and/or the direction the model would like develop their portfolio.

Do you share these concerns? Have you experienced these situations? Would you like to help be a voice to these models starting in the industry or lost in that unprofessional atmosphere? Share Tuff Model Inc so we can be a voice together and help STOP these practices.

Smiles For Cause Princess Event

Smiles For Cause Foundation is a Non Profit Organization that helps those who have been faced with Economic Hardships or unfortunate circumstances get their lives back on track by hosting benefit dinners and other special events with all proceeds going to Smiles For Cause for these families. Julie Griffin, CEO of Tuff Models started this foundation when she was contacted about a family who was going through hardship and in need of medical care after a horrible motor vehicle accident, this event held close to Julie's heart because she went through the same thing when her vehicle was struck taking her daughter to school. I bet all of you are asking "how can I help" ? There are many ways you can help, join an event, donate, or even provide a venue. This is a great way to bring other families and their community together to help to support a great cause. Here is the link so you all can read more about Smiles For Cause; . Smiles For Cause hold many events for these families to raise money and one event coming up is the Smile For Cause Princess Event, if you live in Midland PA, you can host your own Princess themed Birthday Party for your little ones along with fantastic photo packages. Dates are as follows: Weekend of March 1-3, Weekend of  March 8-10,and the Weekend of March 15-17.
Come out and show your support for local families in need!!  Amazing events with fun themed princess cakes, photos, wardrobe, and activities! On Saturdays, there will be horse rides!!! Main roads will be closed for safety of children and horses.  Minimum cash donations for pony rides are $5 weather permitting. What are the donations and profits going towards? Transporting family and child to or from hospital appointments. One of our amazing model Princesses will accompany child(ren) with illness to hospital appointments or to pick up child(ren) from a stay in the hospital! Along with additional needs that are incurred due to illness or injury.

 For more information on this great event and to order tickets please click on this link:
Ask to Join their Prayer Group on Facebook:!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Earth Goddess Minerals !

I want to Thank Earth Goddess Minerals for honoring me with this interview. I always love doing these because I get to know more about the people who run these wonderful companies. I have not tried Earth Goddess Minerals but the pic above, the shadows look incredible. If you have not had the opportunity to visit they're page, please do because you will see a whole lot of fantastic products.
1.How long have you been in the beauty business?
I have been a Master Stylist/Makeup Artist for 30+years.
2. What prompted you to start Earth Goddess minerals?
I decided to start the company because for years I had trouble with acne and sensitive skin.  I could not find a foundation that would not irritate and make my skin breakout even more.  I also worked on clients that had sensitivities to many mainstream makeup products.  It was out of my own need and that of my clients, that I decided to create a vegan mineral makeup with very few ingredients.
3. How long has the company been around?
We have been in business for 3 years.

4. What inspires choices for what you post and other products?
I have not posted in a while due to moving and other family changes, but plan on posting more now on our Facebook Page. I like to post photos of clients that use our makeup whenever possible.  Makeup tips and tricks.  Contests are always fun and answering any questions on beauty that any of our fans on our page would like me to answer.
As far as products go I really stick to the basics and for us that means products that are pure with very few ingredients. 
 5. What is your most popular selling item?
I would have to say our foundation. 
What can we expect from Earth Goddess in 2013 ?
 In 2013,  since being absent in social media sites for a while, my goal is to be more present and post more before and after photos using EGM.  
Tell me a little about yourself.

I was born in Bolivia, South America. I lived in Colorado most of my life and have recently moved to Boise, Idaho for love.  I have a wonderful daughter (Christie) who has been an anchor at EGM.  I’m a Master Stylist/Colorist and over the years have had the opportunity in the beauty industry to do makeup and hair for commercial shoots and the privilege to study under some of the most prominent names in the industry such as Toni and Guy, Trevor Sorbie, Vidal Sassoon, Framesi and many others.  I’m happy now to be able to bring what I feel is a much needed affordable vegan cosmetic line for those of us with very sensitive skin.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bona-fide Babe (Accessories and More) !

Name of shop: Bona-fide Babe (Accessories & More)
Shop links:         

Established: January 2012

About us:
  Basically I love the whole Rockabilly/Pinup looks. So I thought I should start making hair accessories. I have a profound love for crafting, art, creativity, sewing, making jewelry, and so on.
  So, with all that in mind I started small, making hair bows. Then I created a Facebook page and launched items on there. From there, I started vending events like car shows and such.
  I had a slow start in the beginning, but it picked up for me as I started to create new items to add to my inventory.  I thought to myself why just make hair accessories? Why be the average hair bows & hair flowers? Why not make more things to appeal to more shoppers? And I did! 
  Now, I have a wide selection of hair accessories, jewelry, hand sewn items, hand painted items, and other handmade items. 
  I have thought of so many other things that I can make/create/paint/design to add to the shop to continue its growth, attend more events, and get the word out about Bona-fide Babe.
  And at Bon-fide Babe (Accessories & More), I also do custom work. Yes, I take custom orders and I have done quite a few. I love to make my customers happy, because I love to make things!
I want to thank Bona-Fide Babe for doing this feature for me. As you can see from the pics, they sell some great looking accessories and a whole lot more, the best part about them is that all the jewelry and  accessories are hand-made. Go check out they're Etsy shop, you'll be happy you did.

A Little Blog about me.

I came to the realization that many of you don't know a lot about me and how I got here. When I was younger I had the dream of becoming a model, when I was a teenager my dream was to be a mother, at 19 I gave birth to my son, at 21 I gave birth to my second son, got married and was divorced in 1994. I have only had one job in my life aside from starting our own business in 2008, and that was a school monitor, I loved that job but had to leave in 2005 due to the birth of my daughter. Since then I have remarried, had 2 more daughters and am a stay at home mom. I finally earned my Associates Degree in May 2012 and believe me when I say that was the proudest moment of my life next to having my children. I wanted to continue my schooling but didn't have the financial aid to continue and not enough money to pay for classes.  I had bouts of depression after my my daughter was born, just being unsure of everything and not knowing where my life was headed. Life has just been about ups and downs and not having enough money to do anything. I decided about a year ago that I was going to turn things around and that's when I started my Facebook pages. My mama page is Lizzie's Tips for Everyday Living, Souley by Lizzie, & my baby pages Beauty Bytes and Soldiers of Beauty. My group pages are ; Beauty Doesn't Bully and Lizzie's Circle of IPM. I have always loved makeup so I decided to start my beauty bytes page and post my own looks. At first, it was a flop so I thought about I could do to spice it up a little, there came the idea to feature Makeup Artists and interview beauty companies. This is where the birth of my blog takes place. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many great people and wonderful companies, and that is why I want to become a full-time blogger. I want to do something no one has ever done before, I was telling my husband that I wanted to have my own business one day either in blogging or expanding my Lizzie's Tips page. I love meeting new people and reviewing products and I'm good at it so why not expand and grow with it? I see myself running my own business one day and becoming a successful blogging entrepreneur. In 2013, I became a fairyz for Makeup Fairyz which I love. Now you know a little about me maybe more than you wanted to know but that's me !

Tuesday Joray !

I want to thank Tuesday for letting me feature her, as you can see she is awesome when it comes to makeup and very talented when it comes to jewelry making. This girl can do it all, she can give you scary, she can give you beautiful, and she can give you dramatic. It was a honor doing this feature, please take a look at her page, I promise you won't be sorry that you did.
I've loved makeup my whole life. Since about the age of 3 because my mom let me play with her makeup and also did my makeup for ballet. I had been interested in it ever since. I had always been creative with make up, food and jewelry. Oblige doing strange and grotesque styles and everything in between. My inspiration for my makeup is My mom, boy George, katt von d, shirley manson, bobbi brown, toppaz noah "beloved November photography" dani filth & lizzy hale. My favorite makeup is profusion, very pigmented colors.
My jewelry business out of Oklahoma  is,  tuesday handmade clay&resin jewelry .. I can make a lot of custom jewelry rings, charms, beads, custom earrings, pendants, bracelets, gauges and other items at various prices. I take cash and money orders and it takes a few weeks to ship. Check out my page once I hit 200 likes I do another giveaway. Hope you enjoy c:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surgery Defect !

I want to thank Surgery Defect for doing this interview, as you can see all the products are fabulous and you can find almost anything at Surgery Defect. I have been following Surgery Defect on Facebook and I'm always great deals and products, I wish I could purchase everything but it would be impossible to. Go stop by Surgery Defect's page on Facebook, you won't be disappointed.
My first question is, how long have you been in the beauty business? 
Almost going on 10 years.

2. What prompted you to start Surgery defect? 
I've always been very independent and goal oriented. So I wanted to have 
something of my own and make it a success.  
It also doesn't hurt that I am an active stay at home mother at the moment
and that prompts me to be able to stay at home.

3. How long has the company been around? 
All together 10 years.

4. What inspires choices for what you post and other products?
I would say the people around me (close friends, my little sister, and actually my husband (haha) )
 and myself mostly. If I don't like something personally it wont be made or posted. 
I don't want to offer something that I know myself that I wont like or use.  

5. What is your most popular selling item? 
As of right now the 30 Pigment Custom Case.

Basically, tell me the story of how Surgery defect came to be. 
SurgeryDefect started when I was 15. I was doing hairpieces then. Dreaded products
for the "alternative" fashioned. I steadily built my business through hair pieces up
until 2006 when I was pregnant with my son. Then I took an extended hiatus from 
hair piece making and did it off and on until 2010. My husband was currently deployed
and in the Summer of 2010 the cosmetics side of the business came about. I figured I already
have the website why not continue to work under the name SurgeryDefect.  I also owe a huge
thanks to my friend Lynn who without her, cosmetics would have never started. Shortly in 
the beginning of 2011 we were moved to Fort Benning Georgia and that is the moment I got
more serious about promoting and networking the cosmetics. 

What can we expect from Surgery Defect in 2013 ? 
To be better for my customers and myself. There is always room for improvement
and of course new exciting products and makeup adventures! 

Tell me a little about yourself, Add some photos of the company, cosmetics,etc
I'm Emily. I'm 23 years old with a beautiful 5 year old son named Landen and
a wonderful husband that I've been with since 2006 who is in the army.
I'm very crafty and diy type of gal. I'm a huge nerd. I love star trek and video games.

Anita Hardwick !

I bring you all Anita Hardwick ! I have much admiration for this person, one day I was on my  Beauty Bytes page and I saw that Anita had messaged me, she was asking me for advice and had such kind words to say about me, I was so flattered and honored all  at the same time. Her page is full of her wonderful looks, I hope everyone takes notice of Anita because she will very quickly be one to see on Facebook. Thank you Anita for allowing me to help you and feature you,  pretty soon your name will be in lights :)
Unfortunately, my makeup history is pretty short! I started really becoming interested in makeup (other than the basic stuff) in July 2012. I visited Sephora in Calgary, Alberta, and bought a super palette. Until November, it was something that I just did in to get ready for work every morning. After I started following you (I know this sounds really corny), I realized that, hey I could do that too! After I started playing around with colours and combinations, it just became something that I couldn't imagine living without! When I first started out, I would get a lot of inspiration off of Pintrest, and now that I have more confidence, I find inspiration in everything! My kids' toys, cartoons, and even just the colours themselves. My favorite mainstream brand is Sephora because the products are consistant and never let me down. I recently ordered from Makeup Fairyz which I am super excited about, and I have been working with Eye Kandii Cosmetics and I absolutely love them! For a picture of my favorite look, I chose this look I created with Sephora brand products. I love it because it is so sultry. Something that would totally rock date night. With a two and four year old at home, date night doesn't come as often as it used to, so I love the sultry, sexy looks. And so does my hunny :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

SMASH Cosmetics !

All I can say is WOW ! SMASH Cosmetics looks incredible :) I am very impressed with this company and I haven't even tried the products out yet. Doesn't DeathStar look fabulous? its the maroon shade. I so want to thank SMASH Cosmetics for honoring me with this interview, it is truly incredible what this young lady has accomplished in such a very short time. If you have never heard of SMASH Cosmetics, you will !
 I got into the beauty business in April of 2012 when I opened my etsy shop. Not very long ago at all. I truly only started even wearing makeup other then eyeliner about 2 years ago. SMASH Cosmetics started when I realized I had too much makeup. I got into making products for myself and my family because I was tired of how expensive and boring all of the cosmetics on the market were. I just ended up making too much though and decided to try and sell them on etsy to get rid of my extras. It took off more than I expected so I stuck with it. SMASH Cosmetics has only been around since April of 2012. What inspires choices for what you post and other products? I really love edgy, unique, and weird things. I think they inspire me the most. I try to make a lot of the colors of my products ones that you won't find anywhere else. I also find myself checking out makeupbee a lot and the looks on there inspire some of the color combinations I use. My best selling product is Hell. It is a bright red eyeshadow with gold glitter in it. It was the color that really set my shop off. It got featured in an etsy email in July and I got sooo many views from it, and since then my views and sales have skyrocketed. As I said before, SMASH Cosmetics basically stemmed from wanting to build myself an arsenal of makeup that was the colors I wanted and not harmful to my skin. My arsenal just got too big, and I figured that I may as well share my creations with other people so I started my etsy shop. It was really exciting for me getting feedback from people, and hearing that they really loved my products, so I kept up with my shop and continue to make cosmetics for myself and now for other people. I also started offering something that most cosmetic companies do not offer and that is complete customization. If someone has a color in mind or a product in mind that they can't find anywhere else or that isn't vegan friendly then I will try my best to make it for them. I figured I was not the only one out there that wanted specific colors made to my liking, and almost nowhere else offers that.  In 2013 I am really just working on making the overall appearance of my shop better, and more efficient and faster ways of getting all of the orders I receive done. Some of my photos are blurry, and my labels always end up crooked so those are things I am really working on so definitely expect a more professional look. I am always working on new products and colors, and this year I am going to be adding a lot more eyeliners, eyeshadows, body glitter gels, palettes, lip balms, matte and duochrome lipsticks, makeup remover, cream primers, foundation, and lots of makeup bags. So yeah basically you can expect a lot this year!  My name is Ashleigh Spalding. I am a 21 yr old mom to a 1 yr old baby girl, creator and sole worker of SMASH Cosmetics, and a college student. I am an artist first and foremost and I may open up and etsy store soon for my art! I am really all over the place in the art field. I do makeup, photography, painting, drawing, design, beading, fashion design, and I am even working on making mukluks (eskimo shoes with tons of fur, my daughter is an eskimo). I am also a proud citizen of the Pottawatomie Nation.

Jessica InTruBeauty !

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I'm here to tell you about myself and my blog, InTrubeauty! If you told me a few years ago that I would ever be obsessed with makeup and actually start a beauty blog, I would be the first to laugh in your face (tactfully so). I grew up pretty simple and sporty and attended an all girls high school, so there was no need for makeup!  The makeup I had consisted of some Clinique products, but mainly limited drugstore items. Then I met my friend Justina and her enormous makeup collection...and that's where the story of me becoming a "beauty blogger" began.
I wanted to thank Jessica for allowing me the pleasure of doing this feature. For some reason I couldn't post my thank you note on her feature so I'm doing it here. Jessica is one of the greatest bloggers I know and I hope to someday follow in her footsteps. If any of you have ever read her page and blog, you know that she posts the best information on products and where to purchase, price, etc. I am honored to bring you all her feature and hopefully in time I'll be welcomed into her league of bloggers.

I started watching gurus on Youtube and learned a ton from Beauty Broadcast/emilynoel83. I started picking up some of her must haves and some of the products I was now convinced were life essentials. Justina and I started a blog nearly a year and a ½ ago called TruBeautyGems. This past November we both decided to branch out to pursue solo projects as the country had now separated us in distance. My solo blog is called InTrubeauty and can be found at  We still collaborate on projects together and are currently planning a huge giveaway. I highly recommend you check out her blog at

As I now focus on InTrubeauty, I blog about all things beautiful which to me means any number of things. My blog mainly focuses on product reviews and beauty items, but it is a passion of mine to write about inner beauty (hence the blog name combined with a spelling of my surname). I am passionate about empowerment of women, self-esteem and showing to the world how products work for a real woman. 
One of my favorite looks with Smashbox

The thing about makeup is it makes me smile. As the complete opposite of a morning person, if I didn’t put blush on the apples of my cheeks in the morning it would be hours and many coffees later before I would crack a smile. It gives me something to think about when the stress of the world seems to be on my shoulders. To me makeup on the surface can seem frivolous, but sometimes all you need is a great shade of lipstick to pick you up and get you going. With Spring just around the corner (despite the snow storm here today), I wanted to share with you my five favorite products for Spring in hopes that if I wear them, Spring will come sooner. 
More information on these click here: 

I love hearing from people and you can also check me out on facebook at, twitter at and pinterest at

Yours In Trubeauty


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dreadfully Divine !

Many thanks to Dreadfully Divine for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this feature for me. Doesn't she have some fabulous looks? I still haven't built up the courage to do something like the pic above, maybe one of these days I'll give it a shot but for now I'm happy looking at others amazing creations. Have fun reading Dreadfully Divine's feature !
  I think that I have always loved makeup from when I was even little. I can remember my first time wearing makeup, my mom allowed me to wear it for a ballet recital. I was around 5 or 6, and it really looked horrible. However, I never forgot how it made me feel. I was a beautiful ballet princess with my caked on bright blue eye shadow and red lipstick.  While my dreams of being a ballet princess have come and gone, my love of makeup has remained. I really didn't experiment much in my teens with makeup, with the exception of perfecting my cateye and wearing all kinds of dark lipstick. But my full blown makeup addicting didn't develop until around seven years ago,when I stumbled upon Shrinkle (Amy from Sugarpill) selling Kryolan on Ebay. The colors were so bright and vivid and I "needed" to expand my makeup. I wanted the bright colors and the items I were finding at the drugstore couldn't compete. So, I immediately purchased some Kryolan from her and then hit MAC  and probably spent almost a whole paycheck on makeup and I haven't looked back since.
    Everything and anything can inspire a look and I have to agree with Beauty By Me that Youtube has opened up a whole world of makeup experiences, especially for me. I am constantly learning new things or attempting to learn a new technique in order to improve upon my makeup skills. While I love all kinds of makeup I am really drawn to dramatic makeup. I love bold looks, bright colors, big lashes and and my makeup reflects that. I have a hard time doing natural looks since I always want to do something more to it. Drag makeup especially inspires me. The transformation of the performer never ceases to amaze me and they always look fabulous. I have seen people comment on countless makeup sites that some makeup looks like, "drag queens did it." Honestly if they really took a look at drag makeup they can see how amazing it really is and being told that your makeup looks like a drag queen did it is a huge compliment in my eyes. As far as some of my favorite makeup artists they would have to include Rose Shock, Shrinkle, Michael James, Cora from Vintage or Tacky, Durga Usagi from Under Blue Lights,  Eva from Pure Black Love, Made You Look by Lex, are just some right off the top of my head. There are countless amazing talents out there and more and more are popping up each day. 
   As for a favorite brand, I would have to say MAC since they were my first makeup love. However Sugarpill does come a close second and LimeCrime has some really amazing lipsticks. There are lots of indie companies that have caught my eye so I look forward to trying out their makeup. My Tree Frog inspired looks is my current favorite look. While I was doing it I almost stopped and said forget since I didn't think that it was turning out right but once it saw next to the picture everything fell in place. So that about wraps it up. Don't forget to Like my Facebook page and you can also follow me on my blog Thank you so much for the feature!