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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Schular Shoes

What is one thing working class women complain about? My answer would be tired feet, having to be up and about for 6-8 hrs at a time while at work has to be rough on the feet. I personally am not a shoe person but when it comes to comfort I tend to open my eyes a little more to brands and styles. I am a stay at home so technically I'm not up walking for hours, on weekends though is our errand day so I am out and about more and that is when comfort for my feet matters the most.
My son who is flat footed needed to be fitted for arch supports because he would complain of his feet hurting when he at school, so we had to pay attention and make sure the shoes we chose for him were comfortable. I came across the website, and decided to browse around and look at the different brands and styles they had to offer when it came to shoes. I was surprised to see that they offered products for Orthotics, I haven't seen too many shoe stores that do that so I thought that was pretty good.
Me and comfort go along way especially when it comes to choosing the right shoes so I clicked here and took a look at all the varieties of comfort shoes they have for women. All the name brands were there along with the latest styles. Since I recently started having to wear heels and pumps, I loved their selection of Mary Janes and heels. I was presently surprised at the wide selection of women's shoes they had, I really enjoyed browsing this Schular's website.Check it out for yourself today, you'll be glad you did.