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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CEO of Tuff Model Inc. Julie Griffin

I want to say a special Thank You to Julie Griffin for being such a joy to work with, she is not only the CEO of Tuff Models but also a great person, she works hard for what she believes in and doesn't stop until the she achieves success. Her non profit organization Smiles for Causes is something wonderful and help many people out there get their lives back. Check out th Smiles for Cause page : and Tuff Models on Facebook:

Would like to share with you why I started my agency. Peers with in the industry were taken advantage of by agencies or modeling groups that made claims that were untrue. These agencies/modeling groups charged a lot of money for photos, HMUA services, and contracts that haven't opened many or any doors. Services offered by untrained HMUAs which have unsafe and harmful practices such as double dipping mascara or other cosmetics of which is a concern of health. The models were also charged professional prices, for unsafe services.

Photographers is another joint concern. Photos that did not meet the models expectations, long waits for edits, and being approached for inappropriate shoots that are not age appropriate and/or the direction the model would like develop their portfolio.

Do you share these concerns? Have you experienced these situations? Would you like to help be a voice to these models starting in the industry or lost in that unprofessional atmosphere? Share Tuff Model Inc so we can be a voice together and help STOP these practices.

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