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Friday, February 22, 2013

SMASH Cosmetics !

All I can say is WOW ! SMASH Cosmetics looks incredible :) I am very impressed with this company and I haven't even tried the products out yet. Doesn't DeathStar look fabulous? its the maroon shade. I so want to thank SMASH Cosmetics for honoring me with this interview, it is truly incredible what this young lady has accomplished in such a very short time. If you have never heard of SMASH Cosmetics, you will !
 I got into the beauty business in April of 2012 when I opened my etsy shop. Not very long ago at all. I truly only started even wearing makeup other then eyeliner about 2 years ago. SMASH Cosmetics started when I realized I had too much makeup. I got into making products for myself and my family because I was tired of how expensive and boring all of the cosmetics on the market were. I just ended up making too much though and decided to try and sell them on etsy to get rid of my extras. It took off more than I expected so I stuck with it. SMASH Cosmetics has only been around since April of 2012. What inspires choices for what you post and other products? I really love edgy, unique, and weird things. I think they inspire me the most. I try to make a lot of the colors of my products ones that you won't find anywhere else. I also find myself checking out makeupbee a lot and the looks on there inspire some of the color combinations I use. My best selling product is Hell. It is a bright red eyeshadow with gold glitter in it. It was the color that really set my shop off. It got featured in an etsy email in July and I got sooo many views from it, and since then my views and sales have skyrocketed. As I said before, SMASH Cosmetics basically stemmed from wanting to build myself an arsenal of makeup that was the colors I wanted and not harmful to my skin. My arsenal just got too big, and I figured that I may as well share my creations with other people so I started my etsy shop. It was really exciting for me getting feedback from people, and hearing that they really loved my products, so I kept up with my shop and continue to make cosmetics for myself and now for other people. I also started offering something that most cosmetic companies do not offer and that is complete customization. If someone has a color in mind or a product in mind that they can't find anywhere else or that isn't vegan friendly then I will try my best to make it for them. I figured I was not the only one out there that wanted specific colors made to my liking, and almost nowhere else offers that.  In 2013 I am really just working on making the overall appearance of my shop better, and more efficient and faster ways of getting all of the orders I receive done. Some of my photos are blurry, and my labels always end up crooked so those are things I am really working on so definitely expect a more professional look. I am always working on new products and colors, and this year I am going to be adding a lot more eyeliners, eyeshadows, body glitter gels, palettes, lip balms, matte and duochrome lipsticks, makeup remover, cream primers, foundation, and lots of makeup bags. So yeah basically you can expect a lot this year!  My name is Ashleigh Spalding. I am a 21 yr old mom to a 1 yr old baby girl, creator and sole worker of SMASH Cosmetics, and a college student. I am an artist first and foremost and I may open up and etsy store soon for my art! I am really all over the place in the art field. I do makeup, photography, painting, drawing, design, beading, fashion design, and I am even working on making mukluks (eskimo shoes with tons of fur, my daughter is an eskimo). I am also a proud citizen of the Pottawatomie Nation.

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