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Friday, February 22, 2013

Jessica InTruBeauty !

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I'm here to tell you about myself and my blog, InTrubeauty! If you told me a few years ago that I would ever be obsessed with makeup and actually start a beauty blog, I would be the first to laugh in your face (tactfully so). I grew up pretty simple and sporty and attended an all girls high school, so there was no need for makeup!  The makeup I had consisted of some Clinique products, but mainly limited drugstore items. Then I met my friend Justina and her enormous makeup collection...and that's where the story of me becoming a "beauty blogger" began.
I wanted to thank Jessica for allowing me the pleasure of doing this feature. For some reason I couldn't post my thank you note on her feature so I'm doing it here. Jessica is one of the greatest bloggers I know and I hope to someday follow in her footsteps. If any of you have ever read her page and blog, you know that she posts the best information on products and where to purchase, price, etc. I am honored to bring you all her feature and hopefully in time I'll be welcomed into her league of bloggers.

I started watching gurus on Youtube and learned a ton from Beauty Broadcast/emilynoel83. I started picking up some of her must haves and some of the products I was now convinced were life essentials. Justina and I started a blog nearly a year and a ½ ago called TruBeautyGems. This past November we both decided to branch out to pursue solo projects as the country had now separated us in distance. My solo blog is called InTrubeauty and can be found at  We still collaborate on projects together and are currently planning a huge giveaway. I highly recommend you check out her blog at

As I now focus on InTrubeauty, I blog about all things beautiful which to me means any number of things. My blog mainly focuses on product reviews and beauty items, but it is a passion of mine to write about inner beauty (hence the blog name combined with a spelling of my surname). I am passionate about empowerment of women, self-esteem and showing to the world how products work for a real woman. 
One of my favorite looks with Smashbox

The thing about makeup is it makes me smile. As the complete opposite of a morning person, if I didn’t put blush on the apples of my cheeks in the morning it would be hours and many coffees later before I would crack a smile. It gives me something to think about when the stress of the world seems to be on my shoulders. To me makeup on the surface can seem frivolous, but sometimes all you need is a great shade of lipstick to pick you up and get you going. With Spring just around the corner (despite the snow storm here today), I wanted to share with you my five favorite products for Spring in hopes that if I wear them, Spring will come sooner. 
More information on these click here: 

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Yours In Trubeauty


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