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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Anita Hardwick !

I bring you all Anita Hardwick ! I have much admiration for this person, one day I was on my  Beauty Bytes page and I saw that Anita had messaged me, she was asking me for advice and had such kind words to say about me, I was so flattered and honored all  at the same time. Her page is full of her wonderful looks, I hope everyone takes notice of Anita because she will very quickly be one to see on Facebook. Thank you Anita for allowing me to help you and feature you,  pretty soon your name will be in lights :)
Unfortunately, my makeup history is pretty short! I started really becoming interested in makeup (other than the basic stuff) in July 2012. I visited Sephora in Calgary, Alberta, and bought a super palette. Until November, it was something that I just did in to get ready for work every morning. After I started following you (I know this sounds really corny), I realized that, hey I could do that too! After I started playing around with colours and combinations, it just became something that I couldn't imagine living without! When I first started out, I would get a lot of inspiration off of Pintrest, and now that I have more confidence, I find inspiration in everything! My kids' toys, cartoons, and even just the colours themselves. My favorite mainstream brand is Sephora because the products are consistant and never let me down. I recently ordered from Makeup Fairyz which I am super excited about, and I have been working with Eye Kandii Cosmetics and I absolutely love them! For a picture of my favorite look, I chose this look I created with Sephora brand products. I love it because it is so sultry. Something that would totally rock date night. With a two and four year old at home, date night doesn't come as often as it used to, so I love the sultry, sexy looks. And so does my hunny :)

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