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Monday, February 25, 2013

Bona-fide Babe (Accessories and More) !

Name of shop: Bona-fide Babe (Accessories & More)
Shop links:         

Established: January 2012

About us:
  Basically I love the whole Rockabilly/Pinup looks. So I thought I should start making hair accessories. I have a profound love for crafting, art, creativity, sewing, making jewelry, and so on.
  So, with all that in mind I started small, making hair bows. Then I created a Facebook page and launched items on there. From there, I started vending events like car shows and such.
  I had a slow start in the beginning, but it picked up for me as I started to create new items to add to my inventory.  I thought to myself why just make hair accessories? Why be the average hair bows & hair flowers? Why not make more things to appeal to more shoppers? And I did! 
  Now, I have a wide selection of hair accessories, jewelry, hand sewn items, hand painted items, and other handmade items. 
  I have thought of so many other things that I can make/create/paint/design to add to the shop to continue its growth, attend more events, and get the word out about Bona-fide Babe.
  And at Bon-fide Babe (Accessories & More), I also do custom work. Yes, I take custom orders and I have done quite a few. I love to make my customers happy, because I love to make things!
I want to thank Bona-Fide Babe for doing this feature for me. As you can see from the pics, they sell some great looking accessories and a whole lot more, the best part about them is that all the jewelry and  accessories are hand-made. Go check out they're Etsy shop, you'll be happy you did.

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