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Friday, March 1, 2013

Smoky Mountain Minerals !

I want to thank Smoky Mountain Minerals for this interview. I love the fact that they're products are all natural and safe for your skin. I took a look at the website and they have so many products in stock, I was amazed. The eyeliners look amazing. Go and visit their site, the link is at the bottom of the interview.
 We have been in business approximately 9 years. I have made skin care for my daughter and myself for years. We were using a "tv" brand and found that it was breaking out our skin. We loved the concept, but not the breakouts. I began formulating our own makeup, just for Heather and myself, when friends and family wanted me to do the same for them. It was with family's encouragement that we went online with our products. . Heather came up with the name, Smoky Mountain Minerals, after seeing photos and saying
a lot of our colors look like the colors in our mountains. Our inspiration comes from nature, from what we like and from our own lives. If it is something we need, we feel other women will feel the same. Our most popular item is our foundation. It does not contain bismuth oxychloride that many other mineral foundations do, so you don't get the shiny new quarter face or the itchy, red, scratchy feeling. 2013 is going to be exciting! We have a lot of surprises coming this year. Lots of new products and colors. I can't wait!
Our name is Smoky Mountain Minerals, but we did come up with SMMBeauty just to shorten it a bit. Both are one and the same.
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