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Friday, March 1, 2013

Annamaria K.

I want to thank Annamaria for her feature, you would never know this was her in the pic if she didn't say it was. She has grown so much since this pic was taken. If you see her pics on Facebook now, you would say WOW ! because the looks that she posts are amazing.  I first met Annamaria when she first posted on my Beauty Bytes page, it's a pleasure to have met her, she is such a joy and so creative.
I started out doing makeup when I was about 12yrs old and always played like every girl with there dolls,one day my mom bought me the barbie makeup head and thats what started the trend-and then started to work at a salon where my mom went to get her hair done once a week,after a few years passed I was ready to go to cosmetology school. I had my own business for 7 years,and did very well until my parents got ill, I had to move  to help them. luckily she had an apartment for me and  my husband so that we could take care of them. I opened a station in my moms basement for about 3 yrs. After almost 20 something years of doing cosmetology my back and hands started to see the effects. So I decided to do just makeup.Since on Facebook, I saw these contest and decided to let my art come to life and so many others who are influenced by others I too have become one of them.

The picture was the first picture I ever posted of myself on Facebook and the reason why I love my photo I because I never thought that I could do something so natural and easy and willing to share it with everyone.
I have many favorite brands but I always have one all time favorite and that is makeup forever-MUF..I do use the low end store brands too and revlon and loreal are those I use...but I cant really say that because us known as beauty and makeup addicts try every brand there is and add it to there collection of monster filled cabinets of cosmetics:-)
hope you enjoyed my biography I tried to do as best as I can. thanks Annamaria K.

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