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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beth Taylor Owner of It Works !

I want to give special thanks to Beth Taylor for doing this interview for me. I am super excited to hear about this company, I like anything that will slim my tummy :) It Works not only sells skinny wraps but skin products also. I have not yet tried the skinny wrap but I am planning to soon, I am really excited to see what kinds of results I get from using the wrap. Please go and visit the It Works Facebook, you'll be amazed at all the products that are available.

2. What prompted you to start It Works?
Thank you, Liz!  I am honored to be asked to talk about these amazing products!  I purchased my business license with It Works! Global on June 25, 2012.  I had seen It Works being promoted on Facebook a time or two, and I really knew very little about the company.  The signature product, the Ultimate Body Applicator, looked intriguing, but almost too good to be true.  I ignored the advertisements until a longtime friend began using the products.  My friend has always been honest, trustworthy and hard-working, so after I got over my skepticism, I decided to jump in to use and sell It Works.  As a woman that has always struggled with being overweight, and just having a mediocre self-image, I am so happy to have found something that makes me feel and look better.  I was pleasantly surprised with the health improvements I've experienced since incorporating the supplement line into my daily routine.
3. How long has the company been around? 4. What inspires your products?
It Works! Global introduced their Ultimate Body Applicator in 2001.  Since then, it has been one of the fastest growing companies, with distributors featured in two issues of Success from Home magazine in the past year.
Luis Mijares, the formulator behind the It Works! body contouring and skin care products, has long-held a passion for research and development in the skin care, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, learning natural remedies from his grandmother in Mexico.  The focus on herbal solutions and phytotherapy (the use of plants for medicinal purposes) led the way to team up with Don VerHulst, MD, a doctor with an extensive background in researching the effects of nutrition and natural remedies on today's common health issues.
5. What is your most popular selling item?
By far, the most popular item is the Ultimate Body Applicator, also known as the "skinny wrap."  This site-specific treatment can be applied anywhere from the neck down to tighten, tone, and firm in as little as 45 minutes.  The Greens supplement comes up a close second in popularity.  The Greens is made of 38 herbs and superfoods, gives you 8 servings of nutritious foods per two tiny scoops, and is used to boost immunity and energy while reducing inflammation and balancing pH, all in a powdered drink mix.
What can we expect from It Works in 2013 ?
It Works! Global is taking the world by storm this year…opening up for business in new countries in 2013.  In addition to the wonderful products, It Works! Global wants its distributors to live a life they've always dreamed of, and it making the opportunity to be debt-free a reality.  The company truly values its customers and its distributors, and I continue to be impressed with the products and the business model.  We are really changing lives!

Tell me a little about yourself:
As for myself, I was a restaurant manager for over a decade before I "retired" to be a stay-at-home-mother.  I am married to a wonderful and hardworking man, who attends college alongside his 45 hour work week.  We have three sons, ages 2, 4, and 16.  And, I myself, am in college, still trying to figure out what I want to be when I "grow up."  I've never "sold" anything in my life, and never expected the kind of success I've actually experienced.  I simply share what I love and how my health has improved, and try to help others meet their goals, big and little, health and otherwise.  I work closely with team members who have the same goals and philosophies, and we encourage each other and have become quite a family unit.  I'm happy to discuss my products and my opportunity with anyone who desires a change…THIS could be their answer! 

 General info is on the website, and online orders can be made at  Ask me how you can get these great products at almost 50% retail cost!  Anyone who is curious about any of our products or the opportunity to join my great team, I can be reached via email at or

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