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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SkinMedica LYTERA™ Skin Brightening Complex

Lytera is a brightening product that addresses the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and skin discoloration. There are many uses for this product here are just a few and along with all the benefits of Lytera, it is available without a prescription so if you need it right away, you can go out and buy it, also it is available on the Astonishing Skin care website
and on the SkinMedica website. Here are the benefits of Lytera:
  • Effectively reduces the appearance of dark spots creating a more even skin tone
  • Results seen in as early as 4 weeks with continued improvement over time
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Non-hydroquinone
  • Elegant formulation
  • Available without a prescription

    While I was pregnant with my girls I started to notice skin discoloration and didn't know why this was happening, I asked my OB/GYN and he told me it was do to pregnancy hormones, I am happy to report after the birth of my daughters the brown spots began to fade, at the time if I would've known about Lytera, I would've tried it. If any of you decide to purchase Lytera or have used it, I would like to hear your feedback on this product. 

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