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Monday, February 18, 2013

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics !

I had the pleasure of trying some of Bella Terra's products and may I say, I really liked them. This is a company that really isn't in the lime light but should be because the products are that good.  I hope to see more of Bella Terra products on Facebook soon. Thank you so much for allowing me this interview, it has been a pleasure and your products are fabulous !

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics was founded in 2007. Our founder is a 30-year veteran of the beauty industry and an innovator that has carved out a niche in the industry, launching ground-breaking products for cosmetics consumers worldwide.
He saw a need to offer an alternative to heavy mask-like makeup that was more of a cover up than a skin enhancer. He developed a mineral blend that looked like a powder but felt just like a cream. When applied to the skin, it looks like one is wearing nothing at all except beautiful radiant, healthy skin. The formula stays on all day without reapplication and it feels as if you are wearing absolutely nothing at all.
Bella Terra is a boutique brand and our hand-made mineral makeup has only 4 pure and raw ingredients derived from Mother Nature – Mica, which is ground up to make colors shimmer; Serecite, a finer Mica; Titanium Dioxide, which provides a natural SPF 15 protection; and Iron Oxide, which gives our products their beautiful color.
We listen to our loyal customers and all the retailers that sell our products in the USA and worldwide. When there’s a demand for a new, hot color, we add it to our collection. We currently have 60 shades of mineral eye shimmers, 11 foundations, 5 blushes and 3 bronzers. We also constantly communicate with our customers via Facebook and Twitter and get regular feedback.
In addition, we get a lot of inspiration from the current fashion trends and colors – what’s hot on the runways for next season. We try to keep track of all the new haute couture collections and what the predominant color schemes are.


  1. Wow! You're so lucky. I am a recent convert to the land that Bella Terra, and I must say; I'm in love!

    Thank you for passing on your experiences to us ♡♡♡

  2. Wow!!!! I like it. thanks for sharing information about Mineral Cosmetics