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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Firestarter Cosmetics !

I want to thank Firestarter Cosmetics for doing this interview for me, they are a fairly new company with lots of great stuff for customers. I have not tried their products but hope to soon.  What grabbed my attention about this company was their name, Firestarter just sounds awesome doesn't it? So why wouldn't have awesome products ! Go and check them out, you'll be pleasantly surprised at all you see.

First and foremost, I am so excited to be doing this interview with you. I have heard such great things about your company and your products are great. My first question is, how long have you been in the beauty business?
Although our interests have been in the beauty business for some time, we have only been involved and active for just over a year now.
2. What prompted you to start Firestarter Cosmetics?
The company we were buying our cosmetics from had terrible customer service, and we found out that we could provide a better product for less cost! With Amanda's allergies we weren't quite finding the product that she needed. Our mission is to provide vegan friendly, cruelty free products coupled with amazing customer service! 
3. How long has the company been around?
We were officially open in December of 2011 but the idea had been floating around our heads for quite some time before that.
4. What inspires choices for what you post and other products?
Our environment most definitely inspires us as well as our customers and friends!
For example, Manda's Apartment Line is literally based on all of the colours in Amanda's apartment (yes, those are the colours of her walls! It's a bright, fun atmosphere!) 
We also let our products inspire us, sometimes we make a colour and go "Hey that reminds me of THIS!"...they kind of name themselves sometimes! Alternatively, we sometimes we end up with a colour that doesn't quite make the cut, and it gets labeled as a Misfit (our mistakes even have a place in our company! We do our best not to waste!)
5. What is your most popular selling item? By far, our lip balm is our most popular selling item. We also find our neutral colourled eyeshadow do well (i.e. Sandbox, Golden Earth etc)
Basically, tell me the story of how Firestarter Cosmetics came to be.Our story is generally summed up as this
"Tired of paying for overpriced cosmetics and natural products; and out of the curiosity of two inquiring minds; with a little love and support Firestarter Cosmetics was born. We believe that bettering your life and the products you use does not have to come at a high cost."
However, there is a bit more to our story than a paragraph.
Mandy and Laura met while on the job. They were working in a retail chain, which will cease to exist in the upcoming year. They shared a love of several things, including bright colours...and brightly coloured eye shadow! Mandy, who has several allergies and sensitivities, was disappointed at her options of makeup. Laura was tired of all of the "yucky" stuff in most of the makeup she was using.
So, they set off on a quest. To provide a vegan friendly product, at a reasonable price to consumers who were searching for something more...something different.
Since our beginning, we've branched from eyeshadow to lip balm, lip scrubs, body scrubs, makeup remover and more!
What can we expect from Firestarter Cosmetics in 2013 ? Some discontinued items for sure! We will be doing a little revamp and adding in some new colours, taking away some and adding some great new other products!
Tell me a little about yourself
We (Amanada and Laura) own and operate Firestarter Cosmetics. We met while working in a retail chain that will no longer exist after this year. We both reside in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada! 
Amanda (a.k.a Manda...a.k.a "the obsessed with monkeys girl") does a lot of the real work - she's the gal that makes the vast majority of the product, ships it out to you and keeps things in order. During the week she works in a (local) pet supply store, tending to all of your pets needs! She lives with her husband, her guinea pig Buddy Stew and her HUGE monkey collection!
Laura is the girl behind the computer screen. She is the one that deals with the minor details. Website development, answering emails when possible, and most of those fun status updates. She also produces some local sales. When possible, she goes and helps Manda out.  During the week, Laura works for a daycare as a R.E.C.E, and on her weekends she holds the title "dough girl" at a pizza joint. Laura lives with her boyfriend, their two cats (Pandora & Sparta), their hamster Jack, and their two fish (Omega & Max, the Bettas)
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