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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Roxanne Rocknroll !

I want to say thank you to Roxanne for doing this feature, she is truly amazing and such a tremendous talent to the makeup industry. What makes this feature special is that she lives in Spain and took time out of her busy schedule to do this for me. I am truly honored to be bringing you this talented artist, I'm going global now !!!

1.       Hello! I'm Roxanne, I am 25 years old and live in Spain, (though I was born in Colombia) Makeup is one of my passions (the other one is Psychology), I love neon, glitter, XL eyelashes, and I’m always combining the colors in crazy ways : D
I started doing my makeup when I was 14 years old, at that time it was basically black eye pencil, mascara and lip gloss, but it was something I did every single day!, I also remember when I discovered my mother black liquid eyeliner ha-ha my eyes were black like a panda lol but practicing all day I managed to master it.
At that time I was into heavy metal music, so the only colors that included my makeup was black and brown lol (I didn’t know what I was missing!)
At 17 I bleached my hair radically (in addition to having 10 piercings in my face hihi), my inspiration was storm from the X-men, and I think that was my first step to begin trying new things. Every day I painted my lips red or dark wine, I wanted to be like a pin up girl hihi also that was connected to my favorite music:  Rock’n’roll: P.
At 19 I bought my first makeup palette, the famous 120 makeup palette, and that was an amazing find to me! So many colors and combinations, I was amazed. Then my head got into the habit of always be colored in pink, and my nails were always neon and colorful. I think that was the moment when I found out who I really was. Since then I do my make up almost every day, I think practice is essential, as nothing teaches more than our mistakes.
 Now I can proudly say that I have dyed my hair of all possible colors, and the 120 makeup palette has opened a world of infinite possibilities. Then came Kryolan, Sugarpill and Mac, my favorite cosmetics brands by far. Oh and the best glitter of course by Lit cosmetics, no glitter no glory! :D

2.       I think I can say I've been interested in makeup since I was 14, but this has become very important since last year when I started to upload pictures on Facebook. Also I'm currently working on a project in University, linking psychology and makeup, so now it is more important than ever for me.

3.        My inspiration is always the Color, I think in the complementary color wheel and then I get my ideas. I like to highlight both eyes and lips, so I guess I'm not very conservative with that. Sometimes if I can’t sleep, I start thinking about color combinations, so I think complementary colors and I get most of my ideas, for example acid orange go with purple-bluish on the color wheel, so that would make an awesome eye shadow combo!. And of course, the drag queens inspire me a lot; I guess that’s my favorite makeup style.

4.       When it comes to makeup artist I usually draw my attention to very bold and dramatic style, so I love Gina the Makeup artist, Emanuele Castelli Make Up, Maycry999, Queen of Blending, Eva Di Martino, Under blue lights, Namaisa Hunswijk, Brittany couture and all the girls from Sugarpill: D

5.        I started to love the makeup as I do now when I discovered Kryolan, especially the UV aqua color palette; all those saturated neon colors were out of this world! The same thing happened with Sugarpill, (to me the best brand of eye shadows in the market) and I also use it on my lips. The colors are pure quality, and last all day. Besides the vision they have about the makeup as a placebo that makes you feel good is in line with my vision. I'm actually working on a project for my thesis, which combines psychological therapy and corrective makeup, oriented to women with low self-esteem arising by facial defects as psoriasis, dermatitis, severe acne, and vitiligo. So hopefully the people can see that makeup can be a useful tool in the process of becoming in whatever we want and being happy with ourselves, more than a simple vanity thing.

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  1. Outstanding!! I don't even know what else to say......i will think of the words...Maybe?! You never cease to Amaze!! YOU GO GIRL!! <3 ~ :D