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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blend Mineral Makeup !

I want to personally thank Blend Minerals for this interview. If any of you have used Blend Minerals I would like some feedback on their products since I have never tried them. Sit back and get to know a little about Blend Minerals.
1. We have been in the beauty business for about 5 years now and started Blend about 2 years ago. 
2. Blend Mineral Makeup was started because of the inspiration of natural makeup. We wanted something that gave great coverage and color but at the same time is light and natural looking. There are actually many different types and brands of mineral makeup but we wanted to perfect the quality of mineral makeup. Unlike many brands we use high end minerals that are great for all skin types, do not clog pores, and can be used in many different ways. Well sell eye makeup, face makeup, accessories, and skin care.
3. Company has been around for 5 years but blend has been around for 2 and still growing strong.
4. Our inspiration for the colors come from experience and customers' reactions. Many like colors that are colorful, matte, and natural. We also look at whats in fashion. Certain colors sell better in different seasons and some colors are sold consistently. Some colors we go for are rare and hard to which makes us unique.
5. Our most popular selling item are our foundations. When customers try our powder they don't look back. It feels great and lasts  a very long time even if it's a little pricey.
Blend is a pretty new name in the market but we have huge plans for it. There will be many new products to come in 2013 that customers will love. Adir Paz is the owner of the brand. He is a very passionate and driven business man who is very inspired to get the brand out there.

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