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Thursday, February 7, 2013

NinaChuu !

I am honored to be bringing you NinaChuu's feature, I always love to feature new artists because that means that I am helping them to get more exposure and that is always my goal with these features. I see such a bright future for NinaChuu, she is such a nice person along with being a great artist. Here is her story:

My name is Juanita Raus (AKA NinaChuu~) and my passion has been make-up for 2-3 years. I started 2-3 years ago with my first ever make-up brand being Maybelline and since then, because I already loved art and such, I found myself experimenting with it a lot. I've been practicing different techniques and looks since I started and my progress is finally showing I feel. One of the reasons I got into make-up is because I started watching make-up tutorials on Youtube. I found so many inspired by anime and art and those are two of my most favorite things. The MUA I watched the most, whom I still watch to this day for about 3-4 years, is Michelle Phan. She is my favorite MUA because she puts out such a positive message for other women/girls. She loves anime and art which is what attracted me to her and made me want to start experimenting. My main inspirations for my looks have always been anime and whatever artistic thought I have in my head. I love bright colors, pastels, etc and I feel the need to show girls that they can take dramatic colors and put them into everyday wear/looks. My favorite beauty brand that has never failed me is Maybelline, their products are great quality for great prices. That being said, more recently for about a year, I've fallen in love with Sugarpill cosmetics. The colors are amazing and the quality for the price is beyond amazing! It blends amazing and I live by their shadows. My favorite make-up look that I've done in the entire time I've been involved with make-up has to be the MLP Rainbow Dash look I did. It's colorful and so so fun and the effort I put into it was well worth the outcome. I am so happy with my work and how far I've come and I hope that I am able to become a professional MUA in the future!

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