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Friday, February 1, 2013

Relogy Skin Care

I had heard many great things about Relogy Skin Care so I decided that I wanted to try it out and see what all the hoopla was about. I received the products in the mail and put it in a drawer and forgot about it, until I received an email reminding me of it. To give the product a fair chance I decided to do a one week trial of Relogy. The first day, my skin was as smooth as a babies skin. As the week rolled on, my pores began to shrink little by little, the bottle said I may experience dry skin but I haven't,as a matter of fact its the opposite, my skin stayed smooth. The deal maker for me was yesterday when I caked my face with makeup for a pic, I used Relogy as a makeup remover and it worked ! The makeup came right off, I am so glad that I received that reminder email to try the products, not only have I not gotten any new blemishes but the ones I did have dimished rapidly. This is one heck of a product and I recommend it to everyone and yes! even men can use it.

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