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Friday, February 1, 2013

Makeup Maniac !

It is truly an honor for me to be bringing you all this feature, from the pic above  you all can see why. Makeup Maniac is where I want to be in 5 years lol, her work is magnificent and she is a really sweet person. I guess calling this an honor is being mild, I am really excited and I thank Makeup Maniac for making my day.
Since I was a tiny tot, I played around with makeup. I remember trying to mimic my mother as she applied her lipstick so gracefully and wanting to try every color she owned. I always did my makeup  differently from the rest of the girls my age growing up, and actually got made fun of a lot for the color choices and designs I would wear to school.  But since I've hit my 20s, all those girls that laughed are now asking for help with their makeup and are gaga eyed over what I can do. Pretty cool revenge right? 

Most of the time inspiration and creativity is the most difficult part. It's hard to be original when so many other amazing looks have already been done. I want art to make me think. In order to do that, it may make me angry or uncomfortable, but that promotes awareness, change and something cool and rewarding as a end result.

Ve Neill, remains as my favorite MUA, the list of work she has created and accomplished is absolutely mind blowing! Meeting her in June 2012 has been the best moment in my life so far. The picture we took together is still my screen savor! 

Mehron, is one of my favorite brands and the most repeated name in my kits. They tend to lean toward more theatrical makeup and special effect products which is mostly what I enjoy doing.

My Monarch inspired butterfly holds a special place in my heart. And was a big stepping stone in my makeup career. It's colorful, artistic, clean and inspired my a familiar iconic creature. Whether I'm showcasing it at the grocery store or a international makeup artist show, it gets a lot of attention, and holds the top spot on the list of my, many made of faces.

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