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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pretty Lady Megan !

Many thanks to Megan for doing this feature. As you all can see from the above pic, she is super talented and has a very bright future ahead of her. I was referred to Megan by  Lucy D. Fairyz of Makeup Fairyz  and I was happy because I have seen and heard of Megan's work on Facebook and have been wanting to feature her for awhile now. I love her work because her creativity is endless, every look she posts has its own originality which in this kind of business is necessary. if you stumble upon Megan's page on Facebook, stop by and show her some love.
I'm Megan from Pretty Lady Megan! I started my beauty page on Facebook back in October 2011 right after having my son! I seen a makeup contest and was like hey I love makeup so I entered it! It was history from there on out! I've been into makeup since the age 14. I fell in love with four talented amazing woman! The Queen of Blending, Tynea Moore, Lita aka Skittlezz Stylezz and the beautiful Sarah C. They inspired me to be better at my makeup! I've worked hard and watched many videos! I'm still not perfect and I'm sure I never will be but its my passion and a hobby of mine. I don't plan to be huge and everyone to know me but to have my page or looks shared will be just fine with me!! My favorite brands are small company's on Facebook! But I'm a huge lover of Urban Decay and Sugarpill!! My favorite look is this one my first glitter eye brows and just glitter everything!! Thank you so much!! I plan to keep going and doing more look!!

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