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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Makeup Honey !

This is such a huge honor for me,  Makeup Honey does some wonderful work and she is so talented at it. Being who I am I never dreamed of featuring who I'm featuring right now so I'm like a little kid in a candy store. I am so excited to be bringing you all the stories of these talented artists. Here is Makeup Honey's story:
I always enjoyed having my face painted when I was younger. I used to love being allowed to play with my Grandma's lipsticks when we went to visit. I remember experimenting with eyeshadows and lipsticks to make blackeyes and bruises with the old makeup my Mum gave me. If I wasn't drawing or painting on paper, I was usually drawing or painting on myself or someone else. Part of my GCSE art exam I used body painting, and again in A Levels. I stopped a little when I got to Art College. After doing a body painting piece for my sketchbook, my tutor wasn't happy with it. I got the impression that it was 'the wrong thing to do' and let my interest in makeup and body painting take a back seat while I focused on Fine Art. Still at every opportunity I was in full costume dressing up for Halloween and doing my flatmates makeup.

During my Fine Art degree I modeled and did makeup for fellow students. One of the Artists I worked with, Adam Fine, without knowing it, restarted my passion for makeup. I agreed to act in his final piece. He was using Cinefilm to do it, so I did a little research and read up on how they used to do the makeup for Cinefilm. From then on I was hooked again. After I moved to Norway, I continued to model and do makeup for Artists and Photographers and soon I had people calling me instead of the other way around. After about two years of makeup being a serious hobby I decided to go back to school and applied to do Artistic Makeup Design at Leicester college and London School of Fashion. I got into both and chose Leicester. This is one of the biggest regrets I have. I hated Leicester and due to so the world's worst run of bad luck I couldn't afford to keep going with the course and halfway through I had to drop out. I deeply regretting not accepting the place at London School of Fashion. It did all work out for the best. A couple of weeks after I became a 'Beauty School Dropout' I was headhunted by Lighthouse Fashion Agency and begin working for them. From there I began to really build up my portfolio. I had my work on Bill Boards, used in shopping centre campaigns, music videos, catwalks and films. All my hard work was starting to pay off. In between work I picked up courses to expand my portfolio. 

Moving forward a few years , I am now back in Norway with my Fiancee and baby girl. I run my own company called The Makeup Honey and a beauty blog of the same name. I specialize in Beauty, Editorial Fashion and Catwalk. I love doing what I do and I am so happy I stuck with my dream during the hard times. It has made my accomplishments seriously worth it.

I follow a lot of of other Makeup Artists. Alex Box has always been a massive inspiration to me and Karla Powell as well. I adore their work and especially Alex Box's makeup brand Illamasqua. Although I love the major brands, I have a passion for the little known Indie brands like Shiro or Rockeresque. If I have to choose a favorite brand then it has to be Sleek. Their eyeshadows are second to none and I love their Pout Pots. 

The image above is one of my favourite from my portfolio. It was taken by Kristian Dale who is amazing photographer and a good friend. The makeup was so much fun to do and the images ended up in Visuelle Fashion Magazine.

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