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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Makeup For Glasses !

This is such a fabulous concept, Makeup for Glasses. Women who wear glasses are people too right? SO why not include looks for them on YouTube ! I loved reading this story because it had all the concepts in it, from being bullied in school to achieving your dream in the end. What a fabulous person Elizabeth is, not only for having the same name as me but for telling her story so we all can read it. She is very talented and I see a huge future ahead of her.
Hi, Ok so I grew up with my nan putting lipstick on me and letting me walk around in her heels ! so makeup has just been in my life for ever! my mum never let me wear it so it was only a thing that I got to do when I was with nan. When I turned 13 I was allowed to buy makeup for myself and when I started high school my mum, on occasion, would buy me a lip gloss or something. I begun watching You Tube and I discovered a few gurus that basically taught me how to apply things properly and I'll be honest, I began to watch the same tutorials over and over lol. during that time I would wear the most wild makeup to school and because of that I started to get bullied. people would stare and laugh and I used to get called things like cake face and barbie. Looking back I probably did look terrible but at the time I thought I looked cool lol. Eventually I didn't wear anything and I didn't want to in the fear of being bullied again. But late 2009, I had the urge to re visit my YouTube and I began my obsession with makeup again except I didn't go wild. since then I've just been going along with it all.. In 2010, I completed my makeup degree and I've been working free lance since,  its slow but its what I love! I now work with 2 of my friends on photo shoots every other weekend and I've begun to create my own YouTube channels in the hopes that I can inspire another person to follow there dreams what ever they are! my inspiration for looks depends on my moods really lol and what's happening in the world. I create wearable looks that are so easy that its almost a pointless tutorial. I don't really have a fav MUA. I have the gurus on YouTube that I  look up to and really do inspire me. I love a lot of brands but my top 2 would have to be designer brands and Benefit. there just so good!
To date my fav look I've created is my makeup tutorial that I made for ladies that wear glasses, it turned out quite glamourous! and could easily be tuned up for a night out as well as tuned down .

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