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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beautyholic By Corina !

Thank you to Corina for doing this feature for me, She is a very talented makeup artist who has a very bright future in the makeup world. She has great blending skills as you all can see from her pic above, if you run into her page on Facebook, please stop by and show her some love.
Hi, My Name is Corina. I am 24 years Old. My Birthday is November 19th, aside with my two Kids Abrian whose, Birthday is November 15, & My daughter Jocelyn whose Birthday is November 11th. How Ironic..huh lol. I also have a sweet Loving Husband, who always, Supports me & my Decisions in life. He gives me the Best advice for my Career, & Goals for Our Family. So with that being said let's talk about me & my Love for Beauty. I guess it all started long, long long, ago...I always had enjoyed Makeup..Never really had much Knowledge about How to really put Makeup on. I can actually Remember my Most Favorite Items I always used, in High School which was the Maybelline Duo pack of Red Eyeliners, a Jordana Lip Liner(In Coco Brown) from the Dollar Store, & the Maybelline Two sided Mascara in Black and That was basically my everyday Makeup I used for years. As the years Pasted by, being a Stay at home Mom, was Definitely getting boring...Same routine over and Over again with the kids, (If Your a Mom You can Definitely Relate) So as usual i was Online browsing the Web, in the Early late Winter of January 2012, I came Upon a Ad, about Becoming a Mark Rep. I quickly became interested, in Joining, So I started researching, & signed up within a Week. As Soon as I was a Rep, I got engaged to the Mark Group on Facebook, where Beauty & Cosmetics were always being talked about. I started actually buying mark Cosmetics for me, & then Bought More, & More, & More. So instead of Having Customers shop on My Eboutique I was Definitely my Favorite Customer. I soon began, watching Youtube Videos, of Beauty Gurus, getting Knowledge here an there, because mostly everything they say, to try an buy...I was getting. I started to invest a little here an there...Ordering Online, Going Makeup shopping, when I wasn't suppose to, because I had got Addicted within Months to Makeup. It was so weird, because I started with a Small Makeup Bag, to a Big Makeup Bag, & to Now it's unbelievable.  I even made a Youtube Channel where I was Advertising mark, & Doing Tutorials. I lasted about 4-6 Months on Youtube, until I got tired of making Videos, it's alot of work to get into, with editing, setting etc..So I Deleted my Channel Leaving 300+ Subscribers. :( A Mistake yes, But a Memory of Making New Friends I will always have :) I have always Loved Makeup, it's always been a part of me...I just found my Calling & my Gift. When I start a Makeup Application, I usually Just let whatever I Think of Come Alive..& the ending Results are always even better of what I imagined. I also get Inspired by all the New Trends..It's very Important to be on Track with the Beauty Industry. If I would List a favorite MUA I would Definitely say "Goss Makeup Artist" He has Showed Millions of Viewers Techniques from, Beauty Secrets, Red Carpet Looks, to Celebrity Looks, to the Most Famous Kim Kardashian Concealer & Contour Looks...& the List Goes On. I have learned Soooo Much from his Awesome's Just Incredible. There's Also So many More to Name, but I Give my Absolute Applause to Every Single MUA, Aspiring MUA, & any Artist of any Appreciation. It's the Love & Effort every Artist puts make a Masterpiece. I also Support all Makeup brands, whether it's from High End to Drugstore. I really don't have a favorite brand. I like trying all Types, because honestly it's Not the brand that makes a Flawless Application, it's the Artist with the dedication to provide Nothing but the Best. A brand that I typically buy is usually BhCosmetics. There Prices are always unbelievable, & they always have Sales. & That's what makes me happy :) Another Brand I tend to buy More of is Urban Decay. I just Love the Setting Sprays, especially the De Slick. It's great for Oily-Combo Skin. & I also use it for Makeup Tricks..that I learned from Goss. UD has a Great Line of Prestige Cosmetics, and every MUA can Say that the Naked Collection lies in there Kit. Drugstore brands that I own the Most of is Maybelline, Followed by Revlon, & Rimmel London. I just Love those Brands, especially the Lippies..I'm a Total Lipstick Junkie. But besides all the Makeup & all the Tools, & all the Accessories, I'm just a Typical little O Mom from Texas. As Much as I enjoy Makeup & the Industry it has Encouraged me to take Classes at Modern Makeup Society in Houston, to obtain a Certification of becoming a MUA. So happy for myself, & where I'm headed. It's all about the Love..If you Love something so bad, Go for it. & Now with all that being said, I Present you My latest Makeup Look I created on 2/14/13. It was my Valentine's Day Look. & it's a favorite of Mine. I like how I  took it Neutral but gave it a Sultry Deepen Look. & then I went Bold with a Red Lipstick Color from Wet & Wild in 910D "Red Velvet" I just Love it..makes me feel very well Accomplished in my Makeup Skills. & So Now, I leave everyone who read my autobiography a Piece of Love, & willingness to Do Anything. Remember I started with Nothing, & ended up with Finding myself with a Gift I always had within me.......xoxo

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