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Friday, January 18, 2013

XoBeautyByjenxo !

If you look at the pic above, you will get an idea of what this artist can do when it comes to makeup. From subtle to dramatic, this artist can do it all. Everyone who I have featured has been really incredible and excited about being featured on my blog. The truth is, I am more excited to have them say yes than they are about being featured. Here is another story of a true talent.
I first tried makeup when I was around 13 years old. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup because my father didn't approve so I would sneak my mom's makeup to school and put it on in my first class then take it off before I got home. Eventually I got caught haha. That didn't turn out very well. But the next year all he allowed me to wear was eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipgloss. I still wasn't so interested in makeup though. My huge love for it started early 2012 so I'm still just a beginner, still learning and improving. I entered a Disney Makeup Contest in a facebook group just for fun. I did the evil queen look but more like the version from my favorite show Once Upon A Time and won 3rd place. Woow I wasn't even that good! So this great lady, Ronica Garcia of the Nor Cal Gold Motives Team contacted me so she could send my prizes. When I got them I fell so in love! The products were amazing! All of a sudden I started buying so much makeup, looking through youtube videos, playing with makeup day and night. Haha geez I became addicted!
My favorite MUA's out there are Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan and Promise Phan! I'm sure every makeup lover knows who these ladies are. They are, in my opinion, the best MUA's out there! Their work is amazing and I really wish to be as good as them in the future. The first makeup tutorial video I saw was a Makeup Plastic Surgery video about how to get rid of dark circles by Kandee Johnson which really helped me out alot!
My makeup inspirations come from mostly just doing my own thing. I do sometimes like to recreate looks other artist do but most of the time I don't really like to plan out a look so what I do is grab a few makeup products and go with the flow.
My favorite look that I have done is the Before & After look I did not too long ago. The look was inspired by a photo I saw on H-town Beauties facebook page but I added my own twist to it and made it a bit different. The reason why I think its my best work, even though it has no designs or art, is because I'm showing a beauty transformation. I definitely don't have that "Natural Beauty" and wanted every person that feels as self conscious as I am to see how makeup can make a woman feel so beautiful inside and out!
My favorite makeup brand of course is Motives Cosmetics. Not because I sell them but because my love for the products! I could not find the perfect foundation and concealer for my skin before Motives. I would waste money on so many other products cheap and expensive and ended up with my face melting, breaking out, oily all over, and cakey! So I started to think "well nothing is gonna work on this face so why bother anymore" When I first tried Motives I was in LOVE and as I mentioned thats how my love for makeup started. The products are just beautiful, so pigmented, long lasting and gorgeous! Another brand I love is elf. I love their eyeshadows most from their line of makeup. Other brands that I have always wanted to try but haven't gotten to just yet are Makeup Forever, Bh Cosmetics and Lime Crime. I've heard alot that their products are amazing and I can't wait to try.

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