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Friday, January 18, 2013

Ginger Beauty !

I saw this look as a profile picture on Facebook and wanted to see who they owner of it was, it turns out Ginger Beauty is the owner of the gorgeous look. First of all, I am honored that she agreed to do this feature for me. She is not only beautiful but talented also. I see her looks periodically and am always astonished at the colors she uses because they fit together so well and not everyone can pull that off. Here is her story:
Wow, I first off want to say how honored I am to be featured in your blog. I honestly never thought this would ever be asked of me….I’m not a professional MUA, I’m just a girl who loves her makeup and always has. I’ve worn makeup ever since I was allowed to (annnnnd even before that lol). My love affair with makeup started when I was 13. I just absolutely loved what I could do with it! I always loved how I could erase every flaw, accentuate the positives or just completely change the way I look, depending on how I was feeling on any given day.  I was your typical teenage girl though, wearing too much eyeliner and LOVING it lol, I giggle to myself looking back at pictures and seeing how almost primitive my application was.  But I was never afraid of colour…. I loved it all and worked it! I didn’t care what others thought, I loved it and that’s all that mattered to me. Ive only really gotten into different techniques and styles of makeup over the last year and a half but that’s still how I guide myself through this makeup world, I rely on how I feel when I’m wearing a certain look J . I get inspiration from absolutely everywhere and from anything! The sun setting, an outfit I see on a mannequin, a picture of a tropical bird, or a cartoon my daughter may have on tv, etc. Even emotions are colours to be interpreted into looks! My favorite MUA has to be Natasha (I believe that’s her name) or myeyeshadowisodd on youtube.  She has some Crazy talent, is absolutely fearless, and does everything from theatrical to neutral… She’s just fantastic! My favorite makeup brand? This one is really hard. There are so many that I am crazy in love with and that makes it really hard to choose just one! I love drugstore brands! I don’t really buy much high end makeup….. Do I get one thing that’s $30 or do I get 5 things for $30 that work just as well? Im going to choose the 5 for $30 every time lol! Right now I am digging Truth or Dare Cosmetics pigments. Pigments are so much more versatile than people think! Need a streak of colour in your hair? Use pigments! Need eyeshadow or lipstick? Use pigments. Im a huge fan of multi -purpose cosmetics. The look I am sharing with you is my current favorite. I think its because I went wayyyyyyy out of my comfort zone with this one, but I loved the way it turned out. The colours are vivid and bright, and its dramatic and expressive. Its me. J

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