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Friday, January 18, 2013

Marisa Cree !

I met Marisa when I entered one of her giveaways, she was the first person aside from Crystal Lampe who gave me the time of day. Marisa is a very nice and giving person with a huge heart. Her love of blogging and for the art of makeup is just incredible. She has such class and style when she does her looks, I love to see her pics because I know they will always be amazing and beautiful just like her. Thank you Marisa for being one of the first people who believed in me.
My name is Marisa Cree and I am the blogger behind Uncut Color.
My makeup journey began when I was very young. I adored makeup even as a young girl. As I grew older I did  work for a fashion show, and I had requests from  others. I picked up my passion again a few years ago and started looking at youtube videos and reading reviews. I loved dramatic and colorful looks. Some of my favorites are Vintage Or Tacky, Enkore, Monroe Misfits,Goss Makeup, Xsparkage..just to name a few.
My first introduction to the world of indie makeup was after watching a YouTube video by Monroe Misfits. She showed samples and looks she did using Beauty From The Earth. I placed an order and have been hooked ever since.
However, I tried other companies based on recommendations and my experience was not good with some companies. Orders never were shipped, emails never answered, or products that were very low grade.
Over time I also noticed that some reviews were based on the age of the individual doing the review and some products did not work for someone my age. Or some reviews that were negative towards a product actually were on products meant for my age.
I started to post some looks, to show that makeup can still be fun and look good at any age. I was very shy at first but grew in confidence over time.
I decided to start reviewing companies that I felt were superstars. Those that not only had a unique product or color but had great service as well. I spend money on a product and I wish to give reviews on the total experience with a company from a consumer point of view.
I then started my Facebook page by the same name, Uncut Color. Now I enjoy a passion for indie makeup with others and they share with me. I also share techniques and do giveaways frequently because I love sharing something amazing with my fans.
One of my favorite looks is a full profile picture. It shows who I am and my love for dramatic makeup. It also shows that I am 44 and love what I do.
There are not a lot of women out there my age doing this. I hope that in reading this they are encouraged to come out and see my page and are welcome to post looks.
I seek to celebrate those at any age and the fierce beauties that they are.


  1. Marisa you are an amazingly talented woman. I look forward to your new looks & posts.

  2. Marisa is an AMAZING, loving person with a great talent. Although, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her in person, I know I can call her a TRUE FRIEND. Her makeup looks are awesome, and I love that we share a BFTE Addiction!

  3. Gorgeous, inside and out!! Definitely one of my favorite pages!! I had no idea you were in your 40s...totally thought you were around my age (30) ...not that it matters how old you are but wow!! Thanks for sharing your makeup love with all of us... I really appreciate it!