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Friday, January 18, 2013

Swagger Cosmetics !

I really don't know a whole lot about Swagger Cosmetics but their products look extremely cool and worth trying for sure.I was excited to receive the interview back from Swagger Cosmetics, I have been waiting to post this for awhile now. This company is up and coming and will have a long bright future in the cosmetic business. I recommend that if you haven't tried Swagger Cosmetics to do so !

How long have you been in the beauty business?

I have been working fairly seriously as a makeup artist for about three years, but I’ve always been beauty obsessed. I spent countless hours fervently studying magazines and beauty books while I was growing up. I love everything to do with fashion, beauty, and style, and I truly see it as an art form.

What prompted you to start Swagger Cosmetics?

When I was in college, I experimented with formulating my own cosmetics because I wanted shades that I couldn't find anywhere else—like super-bright and pigmented eye shadows, the perfect shade of peach blush for my complexion, or weird things like green lipstick. Also, as a vegan, I found it difficult to keep track of what was and wasn’t vegan, and which brands tested on animals. I also started making custom products for my friends when they needed something specific, or surprised them on birthdays and holidays.
I feel that owning a cosmetics line is not an uncommon dream for a makeup artist and I was getting such good feedback that I just decided to start a brand and sell the products I created.
How long has the company been around?

What inspires color choices for eyeshadows and other cosmetics?

This is a difficult question because I literally get inspired by everything. I’m hoping to expand and develop many more colours, but currently I have been focused on perfecting colours that are close to my heart—whether it is a flattering and multi-dimensional neutral, bold shades such as my signature teal or yellow, or a hot pink lip that has warm undertones instead of blue. I think my personal style shines through all the products I create, whether it’s a sparkly purple or a buttery neutral. I call my own style gansta-lolita, because it combines elements of a true girly-girl Lolita with a rougher, bling-ier edge, which is reflected in my dreamy hip-hop inspired names.

What is your most popular selling item?

If I had to narrow it to one, I think it would be the Rad Bitch eyeshadow/highlighter. It’s a gorgeous, super sparkly iridescent opal-pink tone that is flattering on anyone. You can wear it at its full power on the eyes, or buffed on top of your cheeks for a more subtle glow (although it will still be very sparkly). My other top sellers are my Champagne in the Bubble Bath highlighter, Golden Rose blush, Ghetto University, Red Bone, and Lolipop lipgloss.

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  1. I love the blues used. I am a sucker for blues. They look like a great company and I will definitely look into purchasing products from them.