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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nikki Sweetalla !

I want to thank Nikki for this feature, she came to me at a really difficult time and asked to be featured. I really appreciate her and everyone for believing in me and in my talents. Nikki has a great future in the world of makeup, her art of blending and her uses of vibrant colors are just amazing to the eye. Here is her story:
My make up history is long and short at the same time. I just started in the last year really getting into it and trying new things other then everyday wear. I got out of my comfort zone and started experimenting. I have always loved bright colors and have always worn them in my eye shadows but nothing like I do now. It used to be more subtle. I have loved make up since I was a kid. Like every other kid I played in my moms and always wanted my own. I wasn't allowed to wear my make up until I hit high school but I used to sneak eyeliner and mascara in my back pack. Put it on at school and take it off at school everyday. I was allowed to use Wet n' wilds gel clear iridescent glitter since I was a kid though. And I think thats where part of my love for sparkle comes from. :) I love glitter and all things that sparkle. Glitter is usually what inspires me to do looks because I want to do something with glitter. I try to pull other inspiration from color combos, from my family (who are the best family anyone can ask for. They all support me 110% and encourage me), as well as everyday things I see. I work full time overnights as a desk clerk and go to school full time so I don't really have the time when schools in session to practice like i'd like too, so that stifles my inspiration. I am trying to get into the MUA community and learn from those who inspire me, the one I look up to and ones who just have awe inspiring talent. Two of my favorite MUA's other then me is Brittany Couture. I love everything she does and her use of color. And MadeULook by Lex. She has talent oozing out of her and every look she does is shows how much she has practiced. They are both fantastic artists. I strive to be even half as good as they are. I would love to re-create some of their looks but since I do think so highly of them it scares me to try to. I know it wouldn't be as good as theirs. I am still a beginner and I will probably always consider myself that. We are always our own toughest critics. I just need more practice and maybe a little guidance here and there. :) It was those two ladies who inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new and try to get involved in MUA community. I can't pick just one favorite brand they all have pros and cons. My more recently found companies that I love though are Rag Dolls Beauty and Candii Blossom cosmetics. I love their pigments and how the colors blend together. They all seem to compliment each other in different ways. Most of my looks are done using one or the other if not both. In the picture I used both companies to get my looks. The purple one is a purple and silver look I did for a contest that I really wanted to enter for MadeULook by Lex, but I missed the deadline. Working nights screw with my schedule and time perception lol. It was for her awareness contest and the purple and silver were colors I chose to do for my aunt. Purple is for migraine awareness and the silver is for brain cancer. The other look was just for my birthday and I wanted to play with colors. :) These are my favorite looks I've done so far because of the colors I used and how they turned out in the end. The color one is my favorite because i'd wear it for everyday makeup and the purple one I worked really hard on it meant a lot to me.

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  1. Thank you Beauty Bytes! I appreciate it and i'm glad I could be there when you needed it. :) I hope to continue to do so.