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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adrienne Giovenello !

As you all can see from the above pic, Adrienne is a very talented makeup artist and I am very happy that she chose me to do this feature. Her story is short but it's to the point and you all will be amazed at what she's done. Here is her story:
Well, I started doing makeup in 1st grade. Just lip stick, nothing special. I gradually started to wear more as I got older. when I was 23, I believe I went to college to be an Esthetician and make up artist. But I still want to do special effects like KNB, or Tom Savini.
I do different looks everyday so I don't get bored easily. I just look at my make up usually and think what would look good.
My favorite artists are Kandee Johnson, Marlena or Makeupgeek, Profoundtorture (youtube), and my BFF Toxikandy.
My favorite brands are mac, urban decay, my beauty addiction, fantastic faces, and makeup fairyz

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