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Friday, January 18, 2013

Makeup By Letty !

I want to send a huge Thank you to Makeup By Letty for doing this feature for me, when I choose the artists to feature I don't go by popularity I go by the looks that I see posted on Facebook, if I like what I see I ask. Makeup by Letty is truly talented and her work is just incredible, her use of colors of blending is something to be admired. She is an example of what I hope my makeup will look like one day.
Using faces as a canvas to create beautiful artwork has always been my motto. My love for the arts started in high school art class, where my art teacher told me I had a unique way of blending and shading. From there I realized that my techniques could be applied to makeup as well. I started doing makeup for friends and family for special events. Eventually I decided to jump in and try to do bridal and fashion photo shoots, and have been blessed to be published in a couple magazines and internet sites. I have been doing makeup for over 6 years now and I fall in love with it everyday more and more. I love sharing my passion with others in hopes to help others enhance their already natural beauty! Makeup artists that inspire me and just truly amaze me are David Hernandez, Billy Brasfield and Kevin James Bennett! I hope to reach their status one day. They truly do create beautiful masterpieces and just leave me in awe! Although I love all makeup brands I do love MakeUpForEver and MAC, but if I see a nice color or something different in another brand I snatch it right up! I would like to thank Beauty Bytes Blog for choosing me to feature. I am truly humbled and honored! For more info or to see more of my work check out

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