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Monday, January 28, 2013

Makeup By Yaya !

I browse Facebook for talented artists to feature so when I saw a pic from this artist, I was so impressed with what I saw that I just had to ask if I could feature her. Makeup by Yaya is an example of where I want to get to someday, she is truly a talented MUA and also a very nice person. I want to thank her for allowing me to do this feature on her.
Makeup By Yaya Response: I'm a self-taught makeup artist. I began experimenting with makeup at a very young age. I was always intrigued by the makeup on the models in magazines. I tried to imitate the looks by practicing on my friends and family members. In high school, I took a few cosmetology classes. I entered in few contests earning 2nd place in a hair show. Inspirations I have many for example everything with color,nature,candy,a song and life itself inspire me to do some of the looks i've created. The are many MUA'S with talent, But few inspire me. One that does is DanaFierce Mua also known as FierceMakeup19. Her creation,talent,and personality amazes me. She has given me that extra push I needed to take a steps foward in doing what i'm doing now. She's my mentor,I follow and look up to her. 101%. Makeup is a venue that can be use to transform the life of others, by improving their self-esteem. My Favorite brand, I would have to say BH Cosmetics beacause of the quality and affortability. The many colors gives you the countless opportunities to achive any look. My favorite look is Rainbow Bright because of the many colors. As mention before anything inspires me and in this case my inspiration was my favorite cereal "Fruity pebbels". <3 data-blogge
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