I have loved makeup since I was very young.  As a little girl, I loved getting those little sets of lipgloss and sparkly body spray and nail polish.  I couldn't wait until my parents allowed me to start wearing real makeup.  That started around age 14, with just eyeliner and mascara.  My passion for makeup took off from there, though I didn't start wearing eyeshadow much until college.  My obsession with eyeshadow started when L'Oreal came out with their H.I.P. line that had amazing bold colored loose pigments that went on like butter.  At that time, I had never set foot into a Sephora and had no idea about makeup beyond drug store brands.  I also didn't check into cruelty free status of companies, and I had never thought much about the ingredients in makeup, nor was I aware of the huge makeup community online!  In 2008, after years of fertility treatments, I finally got pregnant!  My son, Michael was born July 16, 2009.  When I got pregnant with him, I started looking into ingredients in products such as disposable diapers, baby wash, and baby lotion, and I was not pleased with some of the findings I found.  I decided to cloth diaper and only use natural, wholesome products on him. This led me into looking at the ingredients in my beauty products as well. Around Christmas time 2011 I discovered XSparkage on YouTube and through her, discovered BFTE Cosmetics.  I began posting my looks on my personal facebook page and they were well received, so I then made a separate fb page devoted to my makeup and called it EyeMaysing Makeup.  Shortly after, I launched a website (www.eyemaysingmakeup.com) and youtube channel as well (http://www.youtube.com/user/EyeMaysingMakeup)!

Lots of things inspire my makeup looks.  Sometimes I base my looks of an outfit, a picture I see, or just colors I think might look good together and play around.

My favorite look that I have created so far can be seen here:
It is a Halloween look I did this year.  I had no plans, just to use Halloween colors, and I just love the way it turned out.

My favorite MUA is Cora, aka Vintage or Tacky.  She is super talented and I just love her personality!

My favorite brand for eyeshadow is definitely BFTE.  For any other makeup, Tarte!  I can not say enough about how awesome BFTE shadows are! Natural mica pigments with intense color and wonderful blend-ability!  They have the BEST customer service, too!  I love Tarte, because all their cosmetics are made with natural ingredients and contain no nasty chemicals such as parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances and they are cruelty free!