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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Desiree aka DezDafying Faces

Once again I was fumbling around Facebook and there I spot this girl with great hair and beautiful eyes. This is the first time I have seen a pic of Desiree I am ashamed to say  but I am glad I did yesterday. She is quite a talented young lady with a bright future in the makeup industry. Thank you for doing this feature Desiree! I started getting into makeup about 6 years ago, back in the myspace days when i came across some makeup groups.  I started playing around and trying different looks.. I was instantly hooked on this awesome world of makeup.. I started buying lots of different colors and trying so many fun looks.. I watched so many youtube tutorials and learned so many new looks to try. My inspiration came from a variety of different MUA, no one in particular there are so many. I was doing makeup on my self just for fun! I never had any intention on becoming a MUA. But friends would want me to do their makeup and I found a love and passion for doing makeup on myself as well as others. Now I am a professional freelance makeup artist and do makeup any chance I get. What most people don't know about me, my other passion and my fulltime job, is taking care of kids in my home dayare. 

My top to Favorite beauty brands are Sugar Pill Cosmetics and Lime Crime Makeup. I love these brands because the colors are so bright and vibrant and I can create so many fun looks with them. The looks I have attached I am wearing Sugarpill Cosmetics. I love these looks cause they are fun and bright and totally me!! 
Desiree AKA DezDaFying Faces

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