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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alyx Vayne Feature

Q: How long you've been interested in makeup?
A: I have been using makeup officially since I was 13, when I had just moved to Hawaii from Washington State, to go love with my mom. My mom always had the hottest makeup, you know, as we all saw it at the age of 13 as "Expensive Makeup" OOOOO! Haha! So, I started using my moms makeup really super early in the morning before school and I'd be out the door before she could wake up and see my face. By the time I'd got home from school, she would already be at work for another 2-4 hours, so I'd then run upstairs, wash my face, and go about my day as if it had never happened. After a while (approximately 6 months rolled by of her not noticing) she then found my Xanga and MySpace pages, saw that i was wearing heavy makeup, and she LOVED IT! I was shocked that she actually liked it, because I never really thought of it as 'her thing', you know? So, she pursued me to get into Modeling with an agency called World Talent Inc. and I then started doing makeup for some of the younger, and older, models there, like, just showing them how to apply colors and keep them on and looking good kind of thing. it was such a thrill to know I had a talent inside me and that I was actually starting to use it. 
Then, once  I turned 15, I moved to Guam, a small 34 mile long island (US Territory) that is really close to Japan, Chukk, and the Philippines. I then got into Photography hardcore when I was out there. I started using my moms SLR Minolta camera, it was an all manual camera, so I had to learn everything about it if I 
was going to use it. I then started Site Modeling on MySpace and Facebook and taking photos of myself and showcasing my Makeup Artistry skills, that got me pretty far, then I started doing wedding photography and wedding makeup too! In between that i was also doing makeup for the cheerleaders at school, girls for Prom, Homecoming, almost all the dances, the list goes on and on. I ended up having people booking photoshoots for me all the time in Guam, and I was making good money doing it too.
I then moved back to Washington State when I was 18, moved back with my dad for a bit, and then I decided to move to Temecula, CA. I ended up not liking Temecula so much, so I moved somewhere that was in "the scene" for what I liked to do and what i wanted to further my career in. So, I moved out to Oceanside, CA and started doing my own thing out here, and I have to say, moving out here to Oceanside was the BEST IDEA for my career and personal life ever. I ended up working for Rockeresque Beauty Co. in San Deigo for a while as a MUA, Photographer, Office Assistant, and Personal Assistant for the owner of the company. I ended up working very hard there, and because it was an unpaid internship there, I had to quit. I just couldn't afford to travel to work and not get paid to do it. I then ended up meeting my now husband between working for Rockeresque, and I couldn't be any happier with my decision to marry him. He isa huge supporter of mine, and he gives me amazing business ideas! I then got in touch with Gitsie Wood, Co-Founder with Nikki Lipstick of RUDE Makeup Co. near Oceanside and Encinitas, CA. her and I are going to be collaborating pretty soon with giveaways and other cool things. I also work with the owner Kimi Toxxxic of Korpse Kosmetics, and she is a total DOLL and a THRILL to work with! I help promote her cosmetics with amazingly colorful makeup looks, and I'm helping her get her name out there more with her makeup company and she does the same for me, too! I love my partnerships with all these amazing MUA's and Company owners, it's amazing to even get to collaborate, let alone talk to some of my favorite MUA's, models, and photographers, too! I wouldn't change it for the world!

Q: your inspirations for your looks?
A: I love color (as I'm sure anyone could tell haha), I go to raves a lot and I color my hair, all these little things inspire me. Rainbows, water, colorful hair, happy vibes that people give off. As far as visual inspirations go, the whole "Bubble Goth" thing that the musician Kerli started has helped me out a lot. The whole thing about "Bubble Goth" is "make the pretty things dark, and the dark things pretty", so as far as to putting a bunch of iridescent glitter on top of a really dark and smokey eyed look is something "Bubble Goth" has taught me. I also find myself on a lot looking at looks to try to make, and then try adding or changing something to make it have my own little touch to it! 

Q: Who is your favorite MUA?
A: Oh gosh, there are so many, hehe! I love Rose Shock (aka Tanja Kivelä). She got me into Lime Crime and Sugarpill's makeup lines, and she helped me get back into using Urban Decay's products, too. She is also an amazing photographer too, and from one photographer to another, I can really appreciate that talent of hers. There's also Durga Usagi of Under BLUE Lights, she does beyond amazing horror and mega out-there makeup looks using Wolfe FX makeup. Roxanne Rocknrolla is also one of my fave MUA's because her work is something I would totally wear out in public. Her crazy lip color makeup looks make me so excited to step out of my comfort zone and just do exactly what she did and wear it loud and proud!

Q: How you got started loving make up?
A: It is my escape. It is my little zen garden, if you get what I mean. It's where I get to make people colorful and happy and confident with their selves, and that's a beyond awesome feeling to feel. I have met so many amazing people through what I love doing, and a lot of them are good friend of mine now to this day. I have a fan base and an amazing following, and I talk to them and connect with them like we are 100% ourselves and like we are friends, and I absolutely love that! I love that I can talk to any of them and them be totally honest and supportive. I couldn't ask for better supporters, because I already have the best following ever!

Q: Attach a photo of your favorite makeup look you have done and tell me why it is your favorite
A: My remake of one of Durga Usagi (Under BLUE Lights) and Eva Di Martino's (PureBlackLove) Trilobe look they collaborated on. I did it for Halloween 2012 and wore it to Insomniac's Escape From Wonderland event, and it got so much attention. I used over 90 different makeup/cosmetic products (including brushes) to make this look, and it took me 3 hours to do it just on my own face in the mirror. I wore it for over 24 hours and it stayed perfectly applied to my face. I will forever be most proud of that look. Even Durga and Eva commented on it and shared it a few times on Facebook, that was the day I had a total fan girl moment. HAHAHA!

Q: Favorite beauty brand and why.
A: Oh gosh, I have many, but in no particular order, here is a list of my favorite makeup brands and why:
*RUDE Makeup Co. because 1) Gitsie is always such a pleasure to work with, and 2) because they have HIGHLY pigmented and long lasting unique eyeshadow colors. They are also 100% cruelty free cosmetics, too, and as an animal lover I am always a fan of cruelty-free products.
*Korpse Kosmetics is also a 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup line ran by my pal Kimi Toxxxic and KK has SO MANY DIFFERENT PRODUCTS, OMG! The variety amazes me every time! KK just released a Lip Paint Stackers Set named after me, called 'The Vayne Lip Paint Stacker Set', and it has teal, pink, and purple lip gloss colors in it that have matched one of my signature hair colored looks I had for a long time. It's cool because it's colors that people really remember me by.
*Lime Crime and all of Doe Deere's colorful glittery cosmetics never stop amazing me. The lipstick are to die for and are highly pigmented and last a good amount of time, too, especially with what I personally put them through on my lips HAHA! (I'm a motor mouth, I could talk forever).
*Urban Decay, I love their Naked Liquid Coverup so much! Again, another 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup line, and they manufacture what seems to be everything under the sun! Variety and colors are something I really look for in a makeup line, and they definitely achieve it!
*Sugarpill Cosmetics. First off, I love Amy Doan and her makeup artistry. She has done some amazing things in her young lifetime, and I can only dream to do the things she is doing with her life. Sugarpill is also another vegan and cruelty-free makeup line with tons of amazing matte and shimmery eyeshadow colors. They just recently put out eyelashes too, and they are amazing!
I want to send out special thanks to Alyx for doing this feature for me. When I messaged her asking her to do this, I really expected her to say no lol, she is really a great person, and it was a pleasure talking to her and getting to know her better by reading this feature. Korpse Kosmetics is really lucky to have her as part of their company.

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  1. Thank you sooo sooo much for this lovely opportunity to be interview by you, doll! It was such a pleasure working with you, and I am thrilled that you are trying to get to really know makeup artists you like <3 Again, thank you so incredibly much! If anyone would like to view my Makeup/Photography Page on Facebook, here is the link: