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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Laura Carlos !

I did an interview with Laura for her company Lali's Boutique but wanted to also give her some exposure, Laura also does looks and from the pic above, it seems like she does really great looks. Laura has quite a story to share with all of you so sit back and enjoy !
My name is Laura Carlos and YES, I am a makeup addict :) I am not a certified MUA, however I am working on enrolling in beauty school soon. I did not always have this passion for makeup. It all started only 2 years ago in 2011. Going through a magazine at the doctor's office, I saw some beautiful makeup and challenged myself to recreate the looks. I know, it's so wrong to do, but I tore off the pages and took them home :) I only had a very limited collection. Some eye shadows, some lip gloss and of course eyeliner and mascara. I used what I had and spend hours attempting to recreate looks I found in magazines. In late 2011 I began to buy makeup and as my collection got bigger and bigger, so did my passion. I started getting a little better, but I know I have a long way to go. I didn't really wear the looks outside of home. Then.......I started working as a cocktail waitress and saw this as the opportunity to bring some of those looks past my front door :) I began to just have fun with colors and tried new looks, created my own looks and I got really comfortable with it. In August of 2012 I started Lali's Boutique, and much like my inspiration to create new colors, my looks are inspired by my children and everyday life. What I'm wearing, something my kids are wearing, an idea my kids may have for color combination, etc. I let life guide me. Who is my favorite MUA? I am inspired my many great artists, but I must say, I have learned sooooo much by watching 2 of my favorites, Tatiana Ward of BeatFaceHoney (Youtube) and Destiny Godley (Youtube). These girls are so talented and I'm super grateful that they are open to sharing with us. I have attempted to recreate some of their looks too and again, I have lots to learn, but I enjoy watching them and have fun doing it. My favorite beauty brand, besides the cosmetics I make myself (Lali's Boutique:, is MAC and BH Cosmetics. I have tried many other brands and these are the 2 that work for me. They give me the best coverage and they have amazing colors. One of my latest looks I did using "Baby J" is so far, one of my favorite looks. I usually do not use really deep/dark colors, because I feel it's harder to blend and give that seamless transition from one color the other. But I feel it wasn't to bad :) Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and my passion for makeup ♥ -Laura Carlos

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