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Monday, January 21, 2013

Beauty Bytes and La Belle Boutiek make amends !

Hello Everyone, In regards to all the bashing to Beauty Bytes and to myself La Belle Boutiek, we are both adults and are going to act that way. We are both very sorry if this has caused any of you discomfort or mixed emotions. We both have agreed that someone has done those screen shots. Beauty Bytes reputation and La Belle Boutiek's reputation have both gone down alot. My customers and people who want to purchase have thought twice because of some of the comments left are from people who never purchased one product from me and wrote horrible things. We both feel we want to move on and forget about the whole incident. The real person or persons who did this will soon come out and karma will get to them. So before I make this too long I want to say I am open to questions if any of you want to ask them. Beauty Bytes and myself La Belle Boutiek, are on good terms and we're looking forward To a New Beginning. To add to La Belle Boutieks statement, Beauty Bytes just wants to add that this is the beginning of the end of the beauty bullying. I’m happy to announce that both myself and La Boutiek has made amends, I have personally tried her products and all the accusations that have been made against her products are false. I liked her products from the very beginning because of how they looked and how vibrant the colors are. Whoever has bad mouthed her or her company please know that we are all here to make amends and try to get along, that is the whole purpose for my anti beauty bullying campaign. So to recap, La Boutiek and Beauty Bytes have made amends and will look forward to 2013 being a good year for all the parties involved.

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