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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Katie Alves feature !

I found Katie's pic while fumbling around Facebook and was taken aback by the scene she created on her eyes. Katie is truly amazing, the pic above says it all.  I am honored to be bringing you all this feature. I was actually terrible at makeup all through high school until I decided to try a scene on my lips. It was just a random thought around Halloween. I put it up online and a lot of people liked it. I then tried an eye look. That bloomed into what I'm doing now. When I put up my Disney stuff everyone went crazy! The Lion King one was the one that went huge (which is also my favourite). It started with Perez Hilton blogging about me, and then everyone was contacting me to share their stuff. I was in newspapers and magazines around the world, I was in a bunch of tv interviews and even a radio show. It was a little crazy!

My favourite MUA's are Sarah Chambers, Mitchell, Goldiestarling and ChrismaStar.
Favourite beauty brand is so hard to choose! I have 4. BH Cosmetics, Sugarpill, Lime Crime and Lit Cosmetics.

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