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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kim Goulart Feature

The one thing that always catches my attention when I see Kim's looks is her use of purple, purple is my favorite color so I love her use of the color. Kim and I are nearly close in age so I really admire her for doing looks and competing with the young guns of makeup. She does great work and is one who I look up to. I have been interested in makeup ever since I was a small child.  I remember watching my mother put on her makeup and would watch intently.  She was a blonde with very fair skin and the biggest thing I remember watching her do her makeup was drawing in her brows.  She had a Mary Kay palette of brow products and a small liner brush.  Funny how some things stick with you isn’t it?  I also remember back in high school.  Dad didn’t think we girls should wear makeup.  My sister wasn’t bothered by that as she was a tom boy but I had to wear it and rebel!  I would sit in the back of the bus every morning and put my makeup on and rush home before dad got home to wash my face after school.
I’m in my mid-40s now and in the last two years or so I have really had more of a passion to learn new tips and tricks for applying makeup.  I never had a brush until probably 4 years ago – I always used the sponge tip applicators that came with the drug store brands.  What a difference a GOOD set of brushes can make.  I also discovered in the last couple of years that I LOVE glitter!  Who says you cannot wear glitter after 40!?!  YouTube was my very good friend when learning new tips and tricks.  My very first YouTube guru was JulieG713.  I learned a lot about MAC shadows and brushes from watching her.  My very favorite YouTube guru, however, has to be Vintage or Tacky.  I’m plus sized, too, and I really can relate to her sense of style.  She is the reason that I am now rocking pink & purple in my hair.  Very soon I will be touching up and adding even more pink and purple. 
My favorite makeup company for mineral shadows has got to be Beauty From The Earth probably because of the very wide variety of shades and finishes of shadow.  I found their page nearly 2 years ago now and have been slowly building my collection.  Their web site has over 400 different shades and I proudly can say I own about 200 of those!
My favorite look that I created was using Inglot shadows that I received right after getting my hair colored dark with the pink & purple highlights.  I really loved how the green and purple looked with my new Rock Star hairdo!


  1. Great write up! Love ya Kim and def love your style :) Keep rocking it!

  2. love learning MORE about a lady i'm proud to call my friend! anytime i have a follower lamenting that bright colors aren't for them because they're "over 30," i tell them about kim! she ROCKS every look. i remind them that it's ALL in the attitude :)

  3. Kim is an amazing person, with great style :) And super fun on karaoke night lol

  4. YAY KIM!!! Yet another amazing lady! And a great artist!