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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Interview with Classy Chick Cosmetics !

Classy Chick Cosmetics is a fairly new beauty company. I'm honored to be doing this interview and bringing you the 411 on Classy Chick Cosmetics and their products. I want to personally say Thank You to Classy Chick for doing this interview:

Hello,  Thank you for this opportunity

Well let me begin by saying that I am a makeup artist I have been doing makeup for around 4 years. I have always had a heart for beauty and I love bringing out everyone's natural beauty. So as being a makeup artist you spend ALOT of money on cosmetics my pockets were a little tight after having my son so I thought hey what if I could build my own cosmetic line with all of the same colors and products as the top selling lines have but at a cheaper price. Let's get real who wants to spend $15-$20 on one eye shadow :( so in Sept 2011 I decided a name Classy Chick Cosmetics then I started  to ventur out into my own business I tested many products and suppliers until I found someone who I trusted to buy from All of my products are FDA approved I will not Make or put out anything that isn't. Classy chick cosmetics  Is a Beautiful cosmetic line I have Pigments of all.colors I try to find the hottest selling items from the Top of the line stores like MAC,
Sephora,  urban decay ect. And see what colors and products are selling the most and what colors and I try to match that because a lot of people now days cannot afford to buy higher name products. So I like to help out people and their pockets get the same product just cheaper prices. I also offer lipsticks,  lip glazes, pressed palettes in all different sizes, lipstick wheels and pressed eye shadow wheels. My best selling product would be my lip glazes they are so smoothe and pigminted I can custom make them to fit your needs as well as lipsticks and palettes. Classy chick cosmetics has so much to offer in 2013 With new colors coming out every month as well as Blush palettes coming soon in 2013 .I believe classy chick cosmetics is different from a lot of other companies because we really love to fit your needs and wants we have very affordable products just like the ones you buy in the store we just look out for everyone's need in this hard time. I
have a few wonderful ladies that are promoting for me which are

Latisha dingillo
Shawanda babytigga
Ingrid butron
Kimi clay

These 4 ladies are amazing they all have their own unique way of promoting my cosmetics they are very talented and inspire me to keep pushing my business along they do make YT videos and make pics of their looks from my line.
Above are some pics of my cosmetics.

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