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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ines Kacijan aka Gina the Makeup Artist

Wow ! This feature is truly an honor for me to bring to you just because of how beautiful this person is inside and out. You know her as Gina the Makeup Artist but I know her as Ines. She is truly one of the greats out in the make up world today, her looks have amazed all of us and her inspiration is just contagious. Thank you Ines for doing this feature.
My makeup history,.. I started to do makeups few years ago, but I basically became nearly good like year ago,..
that's when i felt the passion about makeup. I love to work with people that like to go outside the box, I don't like to do daily looks 
or just a little bit of makeup. I love to do different looks on me or on others, but i prefer practicing on me and after that do it on other,
because I'm kinda perfectionist. I like to do looks that are colorful, or dramatic, masks, face paintings,.. people often ask me how did I get so good, its all practice , practice practice,..
nothing else, I have a little bit of talent, but talent doesn't get you far by itself. My inspiration is everything around me, ... stuff just pops in my head and then i do it,..
sometimes it doesn't come out like I planned, sometimes it does, but it really doesn't matter, its all fun and games for me. Makeup is my life, my passion, my everything.
Favorite MUA,... now that's hard,... I would have to say Brittany Couture,... I have a lot of others that I love, but shes probably the only one that's close to my style, 
 she loves colors, and ain't afraid to use it, crazy looks, but her looks are perfectly done. my favorite makeup brand,.. I don't have one, I use what I love and no brand has ever
made few items that I would love, for example I love eyeliner from Catrice, pigments  from Pop Rox, eye shadows from Sugarpill, pencils from mac, base from BSC ,... so I cant tell you
what is my favorite brand because I don't have one :))) And my favorite look,.. now that's a hard one, I have a few :)) it's really hard to chose from 300+ looks I've done :))

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  1. I have had dealing with Ines. She is a fraud and a thief. She sold me brushes on facebook. Took my money, and then blocked me from facebook on both her accounts. Shame on her. She is not to be trusted!!!!